Passionate Request I…Rated 18+

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…pure romance, thrilling & erotica.


Written by Xexzy Amanda


Saturday is usually a very interesting day for many but mine can be so booked with events and outings and what I make out of it matters.


I am Jennifer,  very pretty,  well curved with this kinda sexy eyes that can catch any good man, my way of life is different and very simple as I am beautified with a heart of gold, no one can beat the kindness and gentility in me if only you are the good one to nurture my style.

My style of friendship will marvel you as I only stick to my own corner but mingle with the ones with the brain and strength to make the world so passionate.

Love they will say is a beautiful thing and if you doubt it ask Jenny. I can assure you as a man, you will surely desire it for real especially when you encounter one. I cannot but tell you this little about myself, Jenny.

Tonight is gonna be another great one as I, Jenny will be heading to a conference in a nearby town where most billionaire have their beautiful mansion sited for real.

I cannot but cruise in my white sparkling sports car not too expensive but cute for such ride to a land of the masters of wealth. The journey isn’t that too far but not too close either and the sweetest of it all is my car music gadgets is ready to take me with the kinda fun to keep me company, coupled with some wine and roasties to feel the moment., you understand!

As though it’s not enough, I have my fruits packed in such a way that, my hands can grab it for a bite, my stopping at a fuel station was to use the bathroom before proceeding to the main venue.

I am sure the venue will be filled as this is a very important conference which will attract the high and might in town so I need to freshen up and do some touches on my pretty face just to ensure I still appear that very pleasant and attractive as I am suppose to be.

Here comes this handsome dude, I just learnt he is part of the host and has all it takes to build or crumble an empire but I wouldn’t mind meeting him as time has come for all to exchange pleasantries.

So I stepped forward to the entrance then move majestically inside to grab a seat close to the very sight of the main stage and here comes this gentleman on white attaire, dressed like those old sailor with a hat in his hands as he shake my hands saying, “greetings my lady” so I bow to greet too and he whispered, ‘Prince is my name” and I jokingly responded asking, “if am the Princess!” so he smiled then offered me a seat beside his.

We sat down staring at each other as the conference kick-starts and he ask me if am ready for the auction sales as he will wish to borrow me for luck to bid for the products he wish to give to charity so I nodded and whispered, “its okay”.

Then he moved closer and kissed me on my cheek and we await the bidding, he kept holding my fingers, caressing my palms like he was searching for some kinda sensation and it tickles I must confess, making me look at his eyes the second time with this lust in his eyes you could sense he must be a very good rocker but an easy, nice and slow one indeed.

Infact placing his fingers on my thighs reveals how romantic he could be even as he caresses gently as we talk just to draw my attention to himself and I could feel every moment as his eyes became so charming, the expression on his face declares he wanted it all and he kissed my fingers while caressing gently my t…. be continued next weekend TGIS

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