OSU 2023: Where Are Their Legacies/Projects For Good 8 Years Of Representation Of The Constituency.

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…Sadjere (SDP) Challenges Oboro (PDP) to a public debate to show the people of OSU constituency what they have done for 8 years of representing.


It is so unfortunate that, Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie constituency has suffered so much set back in terms of development and Security even the simple bills that could’ve been sponsored by the Representatives at the federal could not come forth to constituency as a result of incompetence and poor representation.



That is the reason we should demand answers from the current candidate of PDP House of Representative Evelyn Oboro who represents OSU between 2008- 2015 without any constituency legacy/projects during the period, she was very inactive all through the 8years period and attracted nothing to the constituency.


Amb. Prince Igho Sadjere publicly challenge Evelyn Oboro of PDP to a public debate/ stewardship of her tenure/Office as the Bible made it clear in Hezekiah 6:1 that, God helps those that help themselves and Romans 6:2 – Shall we continue in sin and grace abound!


Let us as indegenes of Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie Constituency reason together and demand for our right today inorder to make the right choice who can actually rebuild, reform and develop our communities and LGAs so that our lives can be better.


OSU Constituency only have one way to progress which is to tell ourselves the truth and vote the right candidate that has the growth and development of the constituency at heart with a distinguished character and capacity to deliver.


I urge the people of Okpe, Sapele & Uvwie Constituency to vote right this time to avoid same old story of the present Representatives!


Vote for Amb. Prince Igho Sadjere for Federal House of Representatives!


Vote SDP for Progress!


Let us Lead Together!

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