OSU 2023: Sadjere, SDP Challenges Evelyn Oboro, PDP Others To Public Debate.

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…urges Okpe,Sapele and Uvwie indegenes to demand for their right.


There is no gainsaying that where PDP goes, we go, let the PDP House of Representative candidate, Evelyn Oboro come out and defend her 8 years in service when she was representing the people of Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie between 2008-2015, as enough is enough and OSU indegenes are wiser this time and also evolving in the building of communities and LGAs as it pertains constituency projects and development.



Amb. Prince Igho Sadjere challenges all the contenders of this particular position of Federal House of Representatives, Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie constituency to come defend their legacy as two time served or serving representative especially Evelyn Oboro of People’s Demoratic Party (PDP).


Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie constituency has suffered lots of setbacks from the past and present government of PDP and that warrant a need for each contender who truely have sincerity of purpose for the people of OSU constituency to boldly come out publicly to show his/her achievements in favour of the communities as a responsible representative member.


We need to ask ourselves genuine questions and get a satisfying answers to it fast before the election day on 25th February, 2023.


In less than 10 days to the general elections for the presidential and National Assembly (Senate and Federal House of Representatives) and that brings us to these sensitive questions that there is need for the scorecard of the present Representatives of the OSU constituency to be critically evaluated before the said election date as that should be a deciding factor for the people of Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie to choose the kind of Representatives and Constituency they wish to reap before casting that one minute vote either for worst or best.


Therefore, the SDP House of Representatives candidate, Amb. Prince Igho Sadjere is challenging PDP and her candidate for House of Representatives candidate, Evelyn Oboro to a public debate to defend her 8 years while in office and PDP 24 years of occupying the House of Representatives seat as a Representative member for Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie to mention but few namely;


* Show projects she has attracted to the constituency for those years?


* How many bills she has single handedly sponsored?


* How many bills she had even co-sponsored for these years?


As Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie constituency indegenes, we are wiser and mindful of all these happenings around us, no party nor candidate should come to bamboozle us with the small bribe that destroys the entire constituency.


He therefore implore us all to demand the scorecard of the present Representatives member, Evelyn Oboro of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) as the jamboree party is over and the game will no longer be business as usual, as the people are wiser and desire dividends of democracy to reflect in their communities in terms of development, good roads, social amenities, quality education, good heathcare service, massive employment, good business environment, good security and peaceful environment for cohabitation in OSU Constituency.


He urges the people of Okpe, Sapele and Uvwie to go ahead and exercise their voting right without fear and favour inorder to ensure they make the right choice who has sincereity of purpose, very qualified with capacity to liberate OSU constituency for better development to come.


…follow us for update on Debate date.


Vote Amb. Prince Igho Sadjere for Federal House of Representatives, Okpe, Sapele & Uvwie Constituency!


Vote SDP for Progress!


Let the People Lead!


We Moove!

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