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The Sector Commander,
Federal Road Safety Commission,
Asaba, Delta State.



Open Letter and Petition Regarding the Unjust Experience of Mr. Steve Nwoabodo by Officer J.O. Owatimehin


Attention: Sir,

I am writing to bring to your attention a concerning incident involving one of your officers, Officer J.O. Owatimehin, and a resident of Asaba, Mr. Steve Nwoabodo. On the 24th of October, Mr. Nwoabodo was on his way to Lagos when he was flagged down at approximately 8:45 AM by Officer Owatimehin, who is a staff member of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC). The incident occurred between Delta and Edo State Boundary, close to the new Army Checkpoint.


Officer Owatimehin claimed that Mr. Nwoabodo was engaged in “Dangerous Driving” and proceeded to charge him a staggering sum of N50,000 as a penalty. Later, he reduced this amount to N20,000. Understandably, Mr. Nwoabodo requested a booking sheet to ensure transparency and accountability for the charges levied against him. Regrettably, Officer Owatimehin collected the money by hand and refused to accompany our client to the FRSC office for verification, citing that he was on duty.


This incident raises significant concerns regarding the conduct of FRSC officers on duty. It is our belief that such allegations warrant a thorough investigation to determine if road safety officials are indeed charging road users for “Dangerous Driving” primarily as a means of revenue generation. This practice is particularly troubling, as it appears to be applied arbitrarily, especially when vehicle documentation is in order.


It is crucial that the Federal Road Safety Commission maintains the highest standards of professionalism, transparency, and accountability. We request that you look into this matter promptly and thoroughly to ensure that the actions of Officer Owatimehin, and any other officers involved in similar incidents, align with the principles of fairness and integrity that the FRSC represents.


We also urge you to address this issue comprehensively to prevent such occurrences in the future. We request that you provide us with feedback on the outcome of your investigation and the corrective actions taken to ensure that the FRSC upholds its mission to ensure safer roads for all.


Yours Faithfully,

Comrade Victor Ojei (popularly called Wong Box), Lead Activist for Young Nigerian Rights Organization

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