One More Night III…Rated 18+

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…sweet romance, intriguing, sexy.


By Xexzy Amanda



Continued…Suddenly, the dance floor was open again so he offered me a hand to dance with him while holding my body close to himself whispering all sorts of sweet, romantic words to my ears and asking me those kinda thrilling questions that can make one fall for the moment though I didn’t hesitate to answer but focused on the dance as I wish to explore the very best of the moment before taking that final decision for either love or romance.


In a moment, Jade whispered we should leave the dance hall so he can drop me off home before leaving for an important meeting and followed him to his car while we drove first to the meeting venue to take permission then proceeded straight to my way home which is far from his meeting location.


But then the ride was fun as the day was already dark and the amazing sparkling lights on the street made it so romantic as we move and the best part was that, he is not on the wheel instead his chauffeur was loading the moment with some sweet soft music that can blow your mind such that you will wish to be caressed and kissed till you scream for more.


Trust me! Jade was a good kisser and knows when to trigger the moment with his sweet romantic words, your head could long for more than just a kiss and caress infact being a very romantic and pretty damsel, Jade couldn’t hold looking and admiring the beauty facing him as he keep admiring my face, holding my head close on his chest with that soft kiss on my cheek with his soft warm lips on my forehead, I could feel all the warmth transferring into me and my body while listening to his heart heat, I held his hands very tight on my body returning some soft kiss on his lips as he grabs me very tight, caressing my boobs gently with that kinda mood, both of us knew we might be really meant for each other but not for this moment maybe some other day, as the chauffeur press the bell to notify we are at my aboard.


So we stepped outa of the car while he assisted me in opening my door key then followed me inside the house and I welcomed him with a very deep kiss and a hug then see him off to his car while he whispers to me saying, “You are the best thing ever happened to me, be my lady”.


He stepped into his car and drove off then my phone rang and that was Max letting me know he just got home but needed to hear my voice but if I dont mind, I should give him a call tonight so I smiled and said definitely. (smiling)



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