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The Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority (LASPPPA) has reiterated that Ikeja GRA is strictly for residential purposes as the law forbids the development of event centres in the area.


A statement signed by the Agency’s General Manager, Mr. Kehinde Osinaike stressed that it’s important to clarify that the law, as reflected by the Revised Ikeja Model City Plan, is clear on the land use zoning of Ikeja GRA as strictly residential. As such, the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority is obligated to allow only residential developments in the area


Osinaike said, “This clarification becomes important in view of the baseless claim by a developer that LASPPPA sealed the site of his ongoing construction of an event centre at Ikeja GRA for personal reasons”.


“The Lagos State Urban and Regional Planning and Development Law, 2019 as amended and LASPPPA Regulations 2019 are clear on the mandate of the LASPPPA to issue permits to qualified applicants and ensure the sanctity of the Master/Model City Plans of Lagos State, which the government invested heavily on to ensure seamless development of the State for the benefit of all”, he added.


Furthermore, the General Manager emphasised that in line with the livable, organised and orderly built environment vision of Lagos State, the State does not joke with the application of its planning laws, no matter whose ox is gored. It is only people who have refused to pay heed to warnings that usually fall victim to sealing, demolition, and other severe punishments by the Agency.


His words, “I strongly believe that our nation will know true development when the elites begin to seek the common good and weigh individual interest against public interest. It profits society for us to obey the law, build rights, and not resort to needless blame games or blackmail.


“To forbid the bastardisation of the Revised Ikeja Model City Plans, I strongly advise developers who are interested in event centres and other forms of commercial developments in Ikeja GRA to look for other sites elsewhere, where such will be permissible.


“Property owners and developers are hereby enjoined to respect the Lagos State Government’s zero tolerance for illegal developments by taking advantage of the State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development free Planning Information service to guide in proper site selection”, Osinaike stated.


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