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Restructuring Nigeria into proper federalism is imperative to end the agitations by different ethnicities to focus on building one United Nation as it was on 1st October 1960 till January 15, 1966 when Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu and Emmanuel Arinze Ifeajuna’s led coup d’etat terminated elected civil administration that brought in Major-General Johnson Thomas Umunnakwe Aguiyi-Ironsi when every region which is equivalent of a state today strengthened as it were.



The country must be saved from agitations by different ethnic groups making up Nigeria from disintegration. The centre must be made unattractive to bring sustainable peace. And the states must be strengthened and viable as they were before 1966.


I think restructuring is the only solution to sustainable democracy and not this ‘HALF-BAKED DEMOCRACY’. Is this really a democratic government? Do the people’s votes actually count? Democracy in Nigeria today is not working.


And the blame game will not help.

Even if all the opposition party members are united in one camp they will still lose guber elections in all the states. It is always one story or the day since 2003 till date.

The truth remains that elections in Nigeria are fake. Election matters in courts are fake.


State money is always used to bribe judges to protect rigged elections. It is a fight to finish by those who are in power as they use state apparatus to sustain the power at all cost no matter the strategy of the opponents.


Nigerians like to be bribed and willing to accept bribes. Did any sitting governor or ruling party win any election at the state national or presidential? Did Bola Tinubu win any election? Did he and all sitting governors win any election?

, Elections are not won on popularity and merit. Did opposition parties win any guber elections except, perhaps in Benue? Was there any election conducted in Nigeria in 2023? BVAS is fake.


New electoral laws are fake because they were not recognised by the tribunals, Appeal courts, and Supreme Court. Election tribunals and court judgments are fake. The ‘shameful language’ of judges is always ‘Lack of Merit’. It is needless to hold elections because they are not used, and needless to set up election tribunals because judgments are fake. Those in power should just continue to rule as usual.


Democracy is fake in Nigeria if the country remains unrestructured as advocated by Nigerians and opposition parties. Whoever is in power doesn’t want to hear restructuring for personal reasons. The moment they are in the opposition camp they sing restructuring.


I am not in support of a disintegrated Nigeria but I support restructuring since the country is not improving. Kidnapping, unknown gunmen killings in the South East, South South militancy, herdsmen killings in the South West and the North, mass killings of Christians in Northern Nigeria, and all kinds of violent crimes worsening.


The military, police, and DSS are overwhelmed with the high crime rates. Corruption growing among public office holders whether elected, appointed, top civil service workers, judiciary, education, health, or public utilities. Nothing works in Nigeria except crimes and looting of the commonwealth.


The Nigerian government has been turned into a business empire, with factories and money making opportunities. Those who couldn’t afford a bicycle, within a few weeks in government, turned billionaires and society recognises and cheers them.


The greater fear is that even when the needed restructuring is done, same looters will still hijack the structure, from federal to the grassroot. Local government council chairmen and councillors are private appointees of state governors. The only booming sector in Nigeria is the looting of public treasury and violent crimes of all kinds. The wealth of all politicians are public money.


The question is will restructuring end bad governance? No! Will restructuring end the looting of public treasuries in Nigeria? Is it not the same Nigerian politicians and elites who will govern every state and make laws in a restructured Nigeria?


Is it not compromised same Nigerians that will be in INEC and judiciary? Are they not same Nigerians who will ‘follow follow’ as said by Fela Kuti? : Are they not same Nigerians who will be in every state police, army, EFCC, and all other public institutions?


I think Nigeria’s problems are beyond restructuring in, my opinion. Stealing of public treasuries has become a tradition hence every person wants to be in government to loot. Those who are not in government have turned to sycophants to benefit from looters.


Hardships are all over the country. Unemployment is all over the country. Kidnapping, violent crimes, mass killings of innocent Christians in Northern Nigeria, robberies, and other violent crimes are on the increase.


We Mobilize Others To Fight For Individual Causes As If Those Were Our Causes

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