Need To Redirect Government Funds: “A Call To End Sponsorship of Religious Pilgrimages”

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By Comrade Victor Ojei popularly called Wong Box (WhatsApp +234 803 878 5262)




In Nigeria, the annual expenditure on government-sponsored pilgrimages to Jerusalem and Mecca amounts to billions of naira. This practice, while intended to cater to the religious needs of citizens, has failed to yield any significant socioeconomic benefits for the country. Instead, it inadvertently bolsters the economies of Jerusalem, Israel, and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This article aims to shed light on the importance of redirecting these funds towards the industrialization of Nigeria and the establishment of IT-focused incubation centers, which would empower and educate Nigerian youth, reduce unemployment, and foster economic growth.


Unlocking Nigeria’s Potential through Industrialization:

Nigeria, endowed with abundant natural resources and a vibrant population, possesses immense potential for industrial development. By redirecting the substantial funds currently allocated to religious pilgrimages, the government can focus on driving industrialization initiatives. Establishing robust manufacturing industries, expanding infrastructure, and promoting technological advancements will contribute significantly to the nation’s economic growth and development.


Embracing the IT Revolution:

The success stories of countries like India, the Philippines, and Vietnam demonstrate the transformative power of the IT industry. By investing in IT education and incubation centers, Nigeria can unleash the potential of its youth in the digital world. With proper training and guidance, Nigerian youths can excel in information and communications technology, thereby exporting human capital and earning revenue for the country. This shift would create employment opportunities, reduce the incidence of cybercrime, and position Nigeria as a major player in the global IT market.


Mitigating Unemployment and Economic Challenges:

Nigeria faces the daunting challenge of high unemployment rates, particularly among its youth population. By redirecting funds towards industrialization and IT-focused initiatives, the government can effectively address this issue. Through job creation in manufacturing, technology, and entrepreneurship sectors, the government can empower young people, improve living standards, and reduce poverty. The nation’s economy will witness significant growth when its youth are gainfully employed, leading to increased purchasing power and overall prosperity.


Supporting Startups and Ensuring Transparency:

Funding startup projects is crucial for nurturing a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. The government, particularly the Central Bank of Nigeria, should prioritize providing sincere and transparent support to aspiring entrepreneurs. Streamlined processes, effective disbursement of funds, and mentorship programs will enable the growth of small and medium-scale businesses. By fostering an environment that encourages business development, Nigeria can create a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and attract investment, leading to sustainable economic growth.



It is high time for the Nigerian government to reconsider the allocation of funds for religious pilgrimages. By redirecting these resources towards industrialization and IT-focused initiatives, Nigeria can unlock its vast potential, reduce unemployment, and stimulate economic growth. Emulating successful models from countries like India and Vietnam will enable Nigeria to compete globally, export human capital, and alleviate poverty. The government must also ensure transparency and accountability in the disbursement of funds to support startups and foster entrepreneurial development. By embracing these changes, Nigeria can pave the way for a prosperous future and uplift its economy to new heights.

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