River State: Most Polling Units Have Just One Party Agent, While Some Have Two.

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In some units, we witness voter’s apathy.


A part of the area is predominately Sabbaths. I observe the Sabbath services are on while voting is in progress.

Former State House of Assembly member of ONELGA constituency one, Christian Ahiakwo who just casted his vote in Ogbogu town ward eight unit five, attributed the low turnout to the religious nature of the people in that area. He said the people will come out in their numbers after the Sabbath services to cast their votes. He said they are eager to vote.

Meanwhile the ONELGA Chairman Vincent Job has faulted the inclusion of the LGA as one of the high risk area for Election violence, by the Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development, Election Situation Room.

Vincent Job said the ongoing and sustainable peace the area during the Presidential Election and the Gubernatorial elections is a proof that the report is faulted.

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