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….intriguing & very romantic


Written by Xexzy Amanda



Love is a beautiful thing if you encounter one. The day seems dull but brighter as if its going to shower heavily even though there is also a little sunny weather but I think its gonna be a good day, sweet of course maybe for two to tangle.


Today is Saturday and in every mind is this feeling of how to party, stay out home kinda stuff, after a days laundry and cleaning but majority will party definitely as the mood is already set before ages, its also normal for some to stay outa home a bit as, “all work and no play will definitely make Jack a dull boy” but my case is different, I know all these wordings but I still gat some few stuffs to keep me busy even though I would like to stay out a little.


I kinda have this feelings that if it’s not for love why take the stress. I am Cindera my colleagues call me Cindy, I can assure you that we are in this together whether introvert or extrovert, love conquereth all.


Stepping out of my aboard for a little shopping, I decided to board a taxi that will shuttle down town just for me to see the real events happening in town and maybe check out the super markets and do some shopping for fruits, veggies, wine and cookies.


The super market down town is such that you can also enjoy cinema, game shops, so I am contemplating sitting out a little then pick up stuffs for the coming week as I need to celebrate my birthday just me, myself and maybe who knows my Amore though don’t even know who he will become or where to find him but all I know is that he is out there in town.


I took a seat just at a little corner I’m small corner of the supermarket where they sell ice cream and muffins then by the side was this kinda beautiful village decorated hut meant for like six people with the kinda delicious fish peppersoup aroma coming out and a lady just waved me from the hut saying, “Angel come over here, we have good delicacies, just as light as you will desire”.


So I smiled saying, “okay will check it out”, then I moved to take a seat by the corner and booked a plate of prawn peppersoup which was served to me very hot and the aroma was very tempting even the prawn was this big so I began to enjoy the meal with a bottle of red wine alone while the music was blasting really high but that’s non of my business as this meal need some respect to be able to devour it hot otherwise you will need to beckon for water in no time.


So I decided to keep a cool head with a straight face, tearing apart the prawn with munching and licking till this man in an english attire who has taken the duty of observing my every move without pay appeared. I decided to mind his business until he relocated from his table to mine with this kinda smile he said, “I gat you babe ” and orderd a bigger prawn with another bottle of wine. I was just struggling to finish my meal before he said, “Beauty, can I join you for a while”, I smiled and gave him a space to take his seat by my side until he said, “Babe, both of us can win this prawn race, its for us”.


I just looked at myself and said, “the prawn is bigger than the one I am eating, can’t dare a thing” he called the waiter to cut it into three parts then pack it for take away so he began to munch his meal while we drink the wine and keep jisting, he seems to be a very pleasant one as he made me smile all through.


After which he introduce himself as Smith, a business tycoon in town, owns couple of good companies, searching for the best friend of the era and that made me laugh and reminded him it might be difficult but suggested some places we can go find one but he insist he already found one, so I congratulated him while he laughed and whispered to my ears, “same to you too”.


And I asked him where the new found friend is, he just laughed again saying, “he is here with me but I don’t want to show you now till after we finish the meal then he gave me a kiss on my cheek and we continued enjoying our meal with the wine till he decided to touch my fingers saying, “Just like that of an angel though I haven’t seen it before but I believe one might be as beautiful as you.


So I smiled, then he washed his hands, towel it while holding my body close to his body and with a soft kiss, he said, “let’s go to a decent club around town to seat out to have a bottle of champagne while we discuss better, I think you charmed me already”. He held my hands to the car even as he drives but in a moment we entered a very nice club, expensive with the music playing very low and he offered me his hands for a dance while holding my hips, we rocked the music.


And he drew me closer, making us look at ourselves eyeball to eyeball with his hands on my hips, he whispered kissing my lips gently saying, “Beauty, I want you to be mine, what is the sacrifice for your love” and that made me smile saying, “we just met”.


And he whispered, we jyst met but my heart recognises you so I smiled while he kissed my….


..to be continued next weekend. TGIS


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…we gat your weekend grooving!


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