Mi Amore III…Rated 18+

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….intriguing, sweet & sexy


…Continued…You can imagine how strong Smith holds my body to himself without letting go, he whispered to the waiter, “could you give us some minute” so he smiled and said, “enjoy the moment sir, I will definitely be back” and that was surprising the way he dismissed the waiter.



He grabbed me, kissed my lips very deeply while caressing my body and said, “I will take care of you, if you allow me, you will be mine in no time I promise”. And that made me smile as am enjoying every beat of the moment.


I can’t deny how sexy I was already feeling as he looked at me lustfully, charming me with his eyes, I can’t but pray the moment goes faster just to have the real experience as my body was filled with ecstacy and my loins jerking and longing for a soft touch.


Smith was very playful, he cracks lots of sweet, sexy jokes and that makes the moment more fun. I watched him soak himself in wine while we play though I like that as it brings out the real him so charming, romantic and loving, I could barely resist his moves so I decided to allow the moment flow, grabbed his hands for a slow dance even as we kiss and caress, he whispers sweet sensational words to my ears and that provokes the orgy in me.

I had no choice than to respond with very hot kisses that made him plead for us to get a lodging pass so we can spend the night together but I suggested we go to his apartment which he obliged and we hurriedly entered his car and he drove speedily to his aboard while driving Smith was busy smooching my thighs as my dress was very long but such that you can easily pull by the side as the sleet in front was just in between my legs exposing my soft warm thighs for a peep, Smith loves the sight describing it as clean, soft and warm.


He moans, ‘your skin is very soft, warm, I love it” kissing my lips, I hurriedly placed my fingers on his trousers gently on his JT as hard as it is, I can feel the fluid at the cap already dripping awaiting for a real touch to make him scream so I bent down to usher a soft kiss on the cap and he moaned so loud as he we approach the gate.


He hurriedly jumped out of the car as he parked then opened the gate and we drove in, then he carried me straight into his bedroom saying, “Babe this moment mustn’t pass so fast”, and I was still trying to picture the portraits on the wall he undressed and put on the shower while dragging me to join him in the bathroom I could see how huge and sweet his body looks, a little bit masculine with this charming look on me, I gently undressed to join him at the shower and he held my body to himself whispering to my ears, “so sweet you are baby” and I kissed him very deeply putting his fingers on my ros…




..to be continued next weekend. TGIS


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…we gat your weekend grooving!



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