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…Charges Public Servants to take Ownership of Resilience Process


The Lagos State Resilience Office (LASRO) has organised a one-day sensitization programme for the State public service middle-level officers to educate and enlighten them on Lagos Resilience Strategy initiatives and implementation at the Adeyemi-Bero Auditorium on Friday.

The State Chief Resilience Officer, Dr. Folayinka Dania, while welcoming participants stated that the essence of the programme was to sensitise participants who are middle-level officers across Ministries and Parastatals on the Lagos Resilience Strategy for them to know, understand and own the resilience implementation process.


While noting that some changes impact the State, she reiterated that the Lagos Resilience Strategy document offers an integrated approach to addressing the resilience challenges.


According to her, “Lagos Resilience Strategy articulates an integrated approach to addressing these challenges, which can be classified into shocks and stresses. It outlines resilience-building initiatives, which we believe, if effectively implemented, will enable us to build a Greater Lagos that is safe, sustainable and inclusive; a Lagos that anticipates and plans for different shocks and stresses; a Lagos that survives, adapts and thrives in the face of any challenges it might experience and one that turns challenges into greater opportunities for growth and development”.


She encouraged participants to pay great attention to the presentations, read the document and imbibe the contents of the Lagos Resilience Strategy to identify their respective MDAs’ areas of relevance.


Facilitators explained that the Lagos Resilience Strategy will ensure that the State enjoys a sustainable system with critical infrastructure for present and future needs, harness human and natural assets for a thriving economy and enhance the safety, well-being, and dignity of all its residents for a future we all desire.


The session identified new workable inter-ministerial relationships in the various Ministries including but not limited to Tourism, Art & Culture, Transportation and Agriculture that can support the Lagos city resilience


Participants from the Ministries and Parastatals appreciated the interactive nature of the session and expressed willingness to be active players in the Lagos State resilience culture.


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