Guber 2023: Gbagi Set To Sign The Social Contract Law As He Takes Over

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His Excellency, Olorogun Barrister Kenneth O.Gbagi, FNIM, OON, the incoming Governor of Delta State has ascertained that he will be the first Governor to sign into law *”THE SOCIAL CONTRACT”* by paying all Deltans a stipend of #5000 monthly and has maintained that it may increase with time.


He added that the consultants in charge of working out the modalities are done with the job and the paperwork is ready.



He has equally instructed the consultants to swing into action and make sure that the people of Delta key into this scheme as soon as possible.


So Deltans are advised to get the link and apply for the programmes that are already online and offline and get the best dividends of democracy from a technocrat and entrepreneur.


He said his government must give back to the people through the creation of Delta private companies, for example;

*Oil & Gas*


*Real Estate*




*Film Production*


*Independent Generation of Electricity* etc.


These companies after due registration with *CAC* will work in collaboration with the *Advanced Skill Acquisition Enhancement Centers* that have *Returns On Investment* and will create an enabling environment for training Deltans on various skills abroad. Creating training facilities all over the 25LGAs of the State to the extent of having cooperatives for all the artisans in their respective careers.


Special State ID cards will be issued to guide the scheme for effective planning and delivery of promises made.


Shares will be bought for all Deltans through or under this scheme.


There will *Board of Directors* in all the departments in the state and all LGAs and that alone will create job opportunities where Okowa failed woefully.


His Excellency Olorogun Barrister Kenneth O.Gbagi said he will tenaciously improve Education by using the V- approach, where Youths will be trained abroad to come back home to establish same acquired skills.


Agriculture will take new dimension in all LGAs according to the environmental factors, and for Sports, our ultimate goal will be how to create wealth by hunting for great talents not only in sports but in all ramifications to create employment opportunities.


The drive for a new Delta is void of political parties affiliations but it should be based on Merits.


His Excellency Olorogun Barrister Kenneth O.Gbagi also promised to give women 35% appointive positions in the State, have a Special Scheme for people with disabilities, and same to Widows/ Widowers.


He said he will by God’s grace he would be the first Governor to grant full autonomy to all the local governments in Delta State.


Finally his Excellency said he will be responsive, transactional and democratic in the pursuit of all inclusive governance where the traditional rulers will take their due place in governance thereby ensuring morals, ethnic value, our cultural heritage would be accommodated in the curriculum of all primary and secondary schools.


Financially, his excellency said he will be prudent and accountable to the people of Delta-State.


*How can one be vying for the excellent office of Governor and refuse to parade himself in an excellent manner?*


I visited one of the guber candidate in jail, the other took the maze of the National Assembly and the other has been indicted by a committee for embezzlement.


We should look at merits and demerits of the contestants and chose the best.


Finally, it is our collective responsibility to stop the unimaginable impunity and the bizarre misuse of public funds, and power.


The power to make the decision is yours. A stitch in time saves nine. Let’s take our State back, It belongs to you.


Lets build Dubai in Delta by the grace of God.


God Bless Delta State.



His Excellency, Barrister Olorogun Kenneth O.Gbagi,


Vote SPD

Vote Gbagi


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