Google Announces Implementation Of Generative AI To Enhance Search Ads

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In an attempt to catch up to some of its tech competitors in the market with regards to the use of AI, Google announced that it will begin implementing generative AI to enhance and adapt search ads based on the context of the query. It will build on Google’s existing search ad engine, which already has an established foundation with the execution of Automatically Created Assets (ACA) for search ads a year ago.


This was said at a Google Marketing Live event held recently. According to the tech giant, ACA’s are an opt-in, campaign-level setting and enabling this will generate additional assets such as headlines and descriptions to be used in combination with the assets an advertiser inputs for their responsive search ads.



However, the improved ad system came about as a result of talks Google had with businesses who noted that it can sometimes feel “overwhelming” to get up and running with a new campaign.


Jerry Dischler, the vice president and general manager of Google, wrote in an official blog post, “we’re introducing a new, natural-language conversational experience within Google Ads, designed to jumpstart campaign creation and simplify Search ads by combining your expertise with Google AI.”


Simply add a preferred landing page from your website and Google AI will summarise the page, he explained. The new system will then generate relevant and effective keywords, headlines, descriptions, images and other assets for your campaign. You can review and easily edit these suggestions before deploying your campaign.


“For example, with a search for ‘skin care for dry sensitive skin’, AI can use content from your landing page and existing ads to create a new headline that aligns even more closely with the query, such as “Sooth your dry, sensitive skin, this helps you improve ad relevance while staying true to your brand,” explained Dischler.






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