“Formation of the Delta State Climate Action Team Strategies for Achieving SDG 13”

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His Excellency,


RT. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori 

Executive Governor, Delta State.


Cc: Secretary to State Government (SSG)




Minutes of Meeting

Date: 27th October 2023

Time: 11am GMT

Venue: Virtual (Google Meet App)

Theme: “Formation of the Delta State Climate Action Team Strategies for achieving SDG 13”



Comrade Victor Ojie (Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Civil Society Organizations & Non-Governmental Organizations)

Mrs. Faith Nwadishu (Executive Director Konyenum Immalah Foundation)

Engineer Nedu Abili (Ecosmart Climate Action Initiative)

Amb. Caroline Usikpedo-Oliseowe (Noble Delta Women for Peace and Development Intl)

Comrade Bonny Akaeze (Foundation for Non-Violent Social Change – FNSC)

Sonia Somuvie (Ecosmart Climate Action Initiative)



The virtual meeting aimed to bring together various stakeholders to discuss and plan the way forward for the Delta State Climate Change Advocacy action. The discussion included follow-up actions regarding a proposal received from the Commissioner for Economic Planning, focusing on active inclusion in the budget for 2024.


Meeting Proceedings:

1. Mrs. Faith Nwadishu, who attended a recent conference hosted by the National Council for Climate Change, stressed the importance of Delta State aligning with national and international climate change efforts. She urged participation in COP28 and suggested that experts from NGOs and CSOs represent Delta State. She emphasized the need for Delta State to engage in climate action plans and programs to access climate funds and mentioned the importance of monitoring and evaluation.


2. Sonia Somuvie highlighted the unique nature of climate change challenges in different regions. She urged the state government to take action against excessive pollution, especially from indiscriminate nylon bag disposal, and emphasized the need for urgent tree planting to balance the ecosystem. She advocated for planting high carbon-capturing trees and called for corporate social responsibility in ecosystem restoration. Sonia also pointed out the health hazards caused by oil and gas pollution and suggested participation in COP28.


3. Ambassador Caroline commended Sonia and Comrade Victor Ojie and suggested that communities should be encouraged to participate in programs aimed at addressing their needs transparently. She recommended waste-to-wealth initiatives, conversion of waste to recycled items, and the use of gas waste for electricity generation in host communities. She called upon the Delta State Government to match its words with action to make a significant impact on the global stage of climate change action.


4. Ambassador Caroline proposed that the SSA convene a meeting to ratify documents related to climate change actions in alignment with the M.O.R.E Agenda of His Excellency Sherrif Oborevwori’s Administration. She also mentioned that partner organizations have secured slots for Delta State’s CSOs and NGOs to participate in COP28, urging the selection of at least two delegates before the deadline.


5. Comrade Bonny Akaeze emphasized the importance of reorienting the citizens of Delta State regarding waste-to-wealth initiatives. He stressed that the value of waste recycling has not received the attention it deserves from the state and federal governments. Comrade Akaeze suggested that the waste management module should be integrated into the Environmental Work Plan for effective implementation.


6. Comrade Akaeze also proposed a physical meeting with the Climate Action Team in various MDAs and welcomed NGOs as interested partners in the climate change action in Delta State.



Comrade Victor Ojie noted that the minutes of the meeting would be sent to His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Delta State, the Commissioner of Economic Planning and the Secretary of the Delta State Government. This action is aimed at facilitating access to carbon credits nationally and internationally, marking a significant step in advancing Delta State’s climate change efforts.

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