Foodstuff Store Introduces Innovative Recycling Program

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[Abuja, Nigeria] 15 May 2024 – Food tech company, Foodstuff Store, today announced the introduction of its innovative recycling program. The expansion of the corporate mission to include waste management and recycling solutions underlines the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.



Foodstuff Store is providing a way by which their customers who are provided with wholesome and fresh food products directly from farmers can now dispose of their plastic wastes as an added service, thereby reducing their ecological footprint. For every waste item delivered for recycling by customers, they’ll receive a credit that can be used for a next purchase at the Foodstuff Store. Not only will this ensure a contribution to a cleaner environment, but it will also provide a way to incentivise their efforts towards adopting sustainability practices.


“We are thrilled to offer our customers a convenient way to recycle and contribute to a cleaner Nigeria and a cleaner planet,” says *Diana Tenebe*, Chief Operating Officer at Foodstuff Store. “By offering rewards for recycling, we hope to incentivize eco-conscious behavior within our communities in Nigeria.”


Nigeria faces a significant challenge with plastic pollution. The prevalence of single-use plastics, which is caused by widespread use of sachet water pouches, plastic shopping bags, and take-away containers, leads to massive waste generation. There are also recycling capacity challenges in Nigeria, where only a small percentage of plastic waste gets recycled. Additionally, indiscriminate disposal of plastics and other waste materials contributes to overflowing landfills with plastics, clogged drainages that lead to flooding, and harming marine life.


Foodstuff Store believes that by working together with its customers, it can create a positive impact on the environment. This new program allows customers to enjoy the quality products and services they expect from Foodstuff Store, while also contributing to a more sustainable future.


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