Fantasy III….Rated 18+

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 …very intriguing and romantic 


By Xexzy Amanda



Continued…..The mall wasn’t that far from the house and loaded with lots of goodies but to my surprise, he took me to the cinema where we went to watch some romantic movies that triggered the mood the more, we also decide to go for a pool party where we had few glasses of wine then headed home to have some dinner then play some funny games.


The game is actually a kinda fun, so I played first and lost the game so he requested for me to pull my dress while he played, still won then he ask for my underwears but the next turn was my luck so I demanded for his shirt infact the game went on and on till we had no clothes on so he just grabbed me with this kinda rush, he kissed me passionately that I could feel every bit of the moment with his body so warm, vibrating like he is gonna eat every part of me and I kinda love that.


As Duke was truely in the mood for the real ride, he held me very closely with his JT pushing harder on my body, I vould feel every little bit of his moves, he keep whispering sweet words that keep pushing me to ask for more but the isn’t over yet and we need to make some dinner, a very light one of course and that will be his choice of meal.


So he decided we get ready some omelette, crackers biscuits with cheese, roasted steak and a coffee or tea to wash it down while he put some red wine in the freezer to chill off which we would use to cool off and get a little bit high before bed time.


Infact, Duke is a real charmer, my type of man, cherished at all times as he always surprises me with some new tricks that mak the day all fun. I don’t want to let the cat outa the bag yet as he want to throw it as a surprise but am gonna itch to get a hint if possible.


I hurriedly went into the kitchen to prepare the dinner while Duke continued masking his surprises in the room but am not gonna push for it because this is gonna be the second night together so I believe its gonna be all fun and my super hero isn’t the word type but matches more action than words so this time, all hands on deck to ensure the night is worth it.


I quickly prepared the dinner, set the table and called him to join me for dinner at the table while he was busy setting the bedroom with what I can’t really say because I was busy at the kitchen so he finally joins me for the dinner and we proceeded to enjoy the meal as we chat and play around.


Duke was such a loving soul, very patient and caring but have other side that can be beasty but all he does to me is with love so I have to ask him now what he has been doing in the room and he answered, “Baby, till you follow me to the room” so I nodded my head and answered, “OK Dear”.


But deep inside, I was imagining the fantasy till we finish eating then we moved straight to the room and as he opened the door he told me to close my eyes then he closed the door behind me as we entered the room then use a ribbon to blindfold me and whispered to my ear saying, “Do you trust me” and I responded nodding my head and he pulled off his shirt then unbutton my dress even as he touches every part of my body, whispering those sweet words that move your nerves as he kisses my lips gently then laid me down on the bed even as he kisses every part of me I felt like grabbing him as my body was on fire while he removed the blindfold then I saw the beauty of the room, very romantic with lots of flowers.


Even beside the large bed was a some colourful lace lingerie which he bought for the moment just to make the moment count so he began to put it on my body watching how beautiful it was on my curves, he kissed me, my body over and over again then whispered, “irresistible ” and he began to play with my body, we were really on the height of it all with his biggie then pushed further to enjoy the moment, moaning with so much excitement, I never want the night to end but continued in the fantasy, erotic moment of excitement filled with fantasy, I bet.




…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!

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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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