Fantasy II….Rated 18+

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…very intriguing and romantic 


By Xexzy Amanda



Continued…..though I was shy and couldn’t express my feelings but the moment I saw him infact my heart melted away and I couldn’t just say much but felts like holding and kissing him but he was with some kinda friends.


As we have been playing the game online, waiting for this moment of truth to play out. I couldn’t but just love what I saw as he is more handsome, fit and able enough to drive my libido crazy, I couldn’t but keep longing for him every moment.


Infact, Duke captured my heart, such a super hero for my kinda lady, very passionate, matured, an extreme lover with this irresistible macho body that drives me horny anytime I think about him.


Tonight is gonna be the night of truth as we will be put our desire to test just to prove all we have been waiting for and I intend to make sure I win.


Just like I told you, I am wired differently, my life wire ticks like a clock while my nerves desires more fun most times and Duke can’t be off the game as he was also that kinda special breed with full desire of having my kinda woman, beautifully made with this kinda hips that dont lie, lips that draws you closer to wanting to grab all of me for real though busier than I think but I will make this moment count.


This is my story, my night of truth


Duke and I have a plan to just make the night count because we have come a long way to have two nights for a cruise. Getting straight into the bathroom with my towel on then put on the shower to quickly have my body washed and Duke already in his towel rushed into the bathroom holding my body with the sponge and soap he scrubbed my body having his hands placed on my boobs while scrubbing every part of my body while I held so tight to his body with my head leaning very gently on his chest.


Duke is a very good kisser and I kinda liking it, I, Sheena is that patient and very romantic lady longing to having my man very close to me every moment especially when I have strong feelings for him.


I really want to go get ready to have it all with him tonight as every moment am gonna spend with him must count. Dressed in my mini gown with my hair brushed loose with curls bouncing in such a way that it dangles as I gently walk to meet Duke, where he sits on the couch waiting for me to come over so I rushed to him, kissing and caressing his chest while he held my body very close, caressing my body as we decided to rush out to the car then drove off for shopping.


The mall wasn’t that far from the house and loaded with lots of goodies but to my surprise, he took me to the cinema where we went to watch some romantic movies that triggered the mood the more, we decide to go for a pool party where we had few glasses of wine then headed home to have some dinner then play some funny games.


The game is actually a kinda fun game, so I played first and lost the game so he requested for me to pull my dress while he played, still won then he ask for my underwears but the next turn was my luck so I demanded for his shirt infact the game went on and on till we had no clothes on so he just grabbed me with this kinda rush, he kissed me passionately that I could feel every bit of the moment with his body so warm, vibrating like he is gonna eat every part of me and I kinda love that.


He was truely in the mood for the ride, he held me very closely with his J…


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!

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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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