Fantasy I….Rated 18+

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 …very intriguing and romantic 


By Xexzy Amanda



My name is Sheena, I love to play games whether indoor or outdoor…you know, fun loving sweeeet sex, very romantic, I love it more when my man cherish me and let loose for me to play him like a jitter.


I am a higher breed with my lib… unbeatable, you can’t imagine that! I prefer when my man allows me play all his body to our pleasure, treat him like a king, with my magic fingers on his entire body, touching all neccesary nerves while grabbing him right in my mouth to make him go naughtier.


I am telling this story because I derive joy in pleasures that is memorable. Duke is my crush but already in another woman’s bed but I bet u, once in my hand will make him cherish me more than he has ever witness in a lady, blending to my pleasures, getting just to his place of aboard was the most exciting moment of my life though I was shy and couldn’t express my feelings the moment I saw him infact my heart melted away and I couldn’t just say much but felts like holding and kissing him but he was with a friend.


As we have been playing the game online, waiting for this moment of truth to play out. I couldn’t but just love what I saw as he is more handsome, fit and able enough to drive my libido crazy, I couldn’t but keep longing for him every moment.


Tonight is gonna be the night of truth as we will be put our desire to test just to prove all we have been waiting for.


Just like I told you, I am wired differently, my life wire ticks like a clock while my nerves desires more fun most times and Duke can’t be off the game as he was also that kinda special breed with full desire of having my kinda woman for real though busier than I think but I will make this moment worth it.


This is my story, the moment begins!


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!


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…we gat your weekend grooving!



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