Extreme Passion IV…..Rated 18+

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…pure romance, errotic & sexy.


By Xexzy Amanda 



Continued……Infact as the movie starts, all lights went dim and Chester was just leaning on my shoulder with his fingers stroking all over my legs whispering how errotic the movies seems to be and all his body became electrified with this kinda passion that could make a man beg for more.


I could feel every moment of this movie on my body because my dear man won’t let go as he is filled with much feelings of desire with passion, romance and sex but he kept kissing while we keep drinking and jisting though he never stop touching as the movie gets too errotic, he would plead for us to go home to continue the thrill, he never wanted a halt of the game.


But I just pretended as if I didn’t sense that but allow him feel the warmth of my laps while we keep talking as the whole scenario was so sweet and inviting that, I could hardly agree to leave the cinema and Chester kept pulling me very close to himself, whispering how sweet it could be, if we just make it to his apartment.


And I had no choice than pick up our stuffs while we head to his car and zoomed off to his apartment, but on getting there, a very close pal of him was right at his door ringing the bell with his car was parked right at the enterance so Chester off the car and head to his door to meet his pal while I enjoy the wine and chicken in the car waiting for them to say goodbye but the friend kept engaging him for over 30 minutes.


Finally, I saw Chester wave him goodbye having this kinda hamper in his hands so I was wondering what was that but my man came back to the car looking happy as he bend over to give a quick apologetic kiss on my lips which I accepted with my red lipstick planted on his lips and that made him look more sexy even though am pretending to be a bit sad.


I only wanted Chester to show more passion but trust me, Chester is that kinda charming, caring, romantic and a little manish though still very loveable, I bet. I could imagine what will be his next line of action as his pal has bridged the entire fun.


So we went inside the house, at his sitting room, he grabbed a bottle of champagne from his fridge, popped it and poured into two wine glasses then drank all in his glass, handed over the other glass to me and said, “Finish up, let’s make some shrimp soup with toast bread for dinner“. So I drank half my glass then joined him to cook the shrimp peppered soup while he toast the breads.


The weather was actually for two as its been rainy and cold so I told him to put on the heater as I wish to have a very warm shower alone, he smiled and gave me a wink whispering “tonight, you are right in my hands, I won’t let go”. 


So I smiled and rushed to set the plates on the table with the peppersoup and toast bread served with another bottle of red wine but this time very strong, old wine brewed for romantic moment like this.


In a moment, Chester came downstairs for dinner after which we decided to take the bottle of red wine upstairs to his room which I classified as the “Decision room” where all dialogue are made with signs and actions infact he had already dressed the bed with this sparkling flowered bedsheets, putting on this dim blue, green and red light as if it was a club house. 


All that was ringing in my head was what the night will turn out to be infact Chester was already showering calling on me to join him in the bathroom so I decided to drink a glass from the wine having some in my mouth just trying to feel the strong brew of the wine as I enter the bathroom, he grabbed my towel then kissed me to have a taste of the wine in my mouth while the shower keep pouring the warm water on us.


Chester quickly took the sponge filled with soapy foams and begin to scrub every part of my body then turned on the water to run faster so we can finish. He rushed for the towel and clean up his body then cover my body with the towel then carried me to the bed while he put on the music with this slow songs coming out to make the moment more romantic and sexy.


I could feel his heart beat as he beckon on me for a little dance so he dragged the towel off my body while we keep dancing, he kissed my lips then neck went to my chest rushed for my nips with his hands strolling all over my body, he kissed down to my navel (ouch!) I could feel his touch then to my roses( oh my!), I keep holding his shoulders very tight as he heads faster to my legs then back standing kissing my lips, with his tongue strolling in my mouth.


I could feel him pushing harder as the JT daggers for more with the little wet cap tussling on my roses, I could feel the thickness of the entire stuff hovering and struggling for the main thrill, Chester grabbed me very close as we fell on the bed, he pushed further for the real game, moaning very fast until his alarm clock rang and that was exactly 4am so he rushed to get a glass of water as we continue the cruise.



…to be continued next weekend with a new series…TGIS!


..check our last week episode of Extreme Love III????




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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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