Extreme Passion I…..Rated 18+

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..thrilling, errotic & intriguing.



By Xexzy Amanda


In the quest for real passion you will become stronger than you ever imagined. Could you believe the more you seek for it, the farer it becomes but more sweet and thrilling it turns out to be though some little pains and distractions here and there but that makes it more interesting.


I am Nora, my friends call me cutie but you can call me whatever I represent to you. I don’t really care people’s opinion of this version of me but all I know is that I am very passionate, sweet, romantic and sexy with some other sides which might not be so pleasant, you know! But am better off as a good girl.


But let’s go together on this ride before you take that decision on my personality.


Tonight is a great festival of the city where I reside and as a model, invitations are sent to most models who devoted time to train their voices and body to drill peoples mind with some beautiful dancd steps tjough energetic sometimes. With the invitation, am to attend and perform some special dance and singing competitions to excite the public and put merriment on the minds of people at the event place.


Someone told me some cool, handsome billonnaires will be attending especially the few that are well known for their uniqueness in personality and actions. Of which Chester is one of the few, one billonnaire at his 50s, very influential, energetic with chains of businesses in the city, everyone knows him for his wealthy status and kindness towards others though with this kinda bluffing attitude most ladies don’t like to associate with him and his friends are more of male billonaires at his level.


He resides at the outskirt of the city with his mansion worth millions of dollars, his cars also exotic with special kinda colour black that sparkles as he cruises around town infact, he is the dream of any good and pretty woman indeed.


Chester loves to play snooker, poker and squash with money staked on it, such you can confuse with gambling but I call it a game of luck as the win worth hugesome amount of dollars.


l love to visit such places once in a while just to watch those billonaires express their feelings on winning and loosing but more exciting when winning the cash. I could promise you Chester don’t loose instead grabs all games in a glimpse.


But tonight might not be the same as he is gonna let loose for the next player’s. Dressed in my white barbie gown with my white block heely sandals with my toes nails beautifully polished with this sweet light pink colour showing off my slender hands as it flashes to everyone’s eyes, oh gosh! I can be damn flashy and charming, you can’t resist my sight, I bet


My dress is such that every real man can recognise as it is just down below my knees, hugged to my body in such a way that it pronounces the beauty of a woman as the curves can’t lie and as a real man, you can’t be blind to it.


With my hair parked up in a pony tail shape which blends with my dressing having this neck bead and a silver diamond earrings for a cool mix.


I arrive the venue looking so charming and elegant as I walk down the red carpet with different cameras flashing all over me, I saw this tall, handsome and charming man sitting two tables away from where I was coming from, dressed gentlemananly simple but very cute and outstanding with his hair brushed backwards looking at me as I step very close to his table and he kept staring at me while someone offered me a seat right beside him, he just smiled nodding his head without saying a single word except for the usual hello greetings.


So the festival began and I needed to join other models on the stage to perform the dance. I stood up then moved straight to the stage and the dance started, everyone was watching in excitement and clapping while standing up so Chester moved closer to the stage to keep an eye very close on me.


You can see the admiration in his eyes but had no chance to express it to me till the dance was over so I hurridly moved to the dressing room to clean up and do some touches on my make up and Chester quickly followed me and just before the dressing room, he caught up with me and he just whispered to me saying, “Hello Pretty, may I know you better, call me Chester”.


So I was astonished as he kissed my hand and promise to check on me before the end of the festival. I smiled and wave him goodbye. I was wondering in my mind if that was a real deal for me or I should bounce it as I had this feeling of most billonaires being flirty and I want my man hooked to myself as I love attention more than any other thing.


The festival is getting to the end and I need to start moving back to the enterance so as to enable me get out of the venue on time and here comes Chester, he grabbed me hand as we move outside together to his car, he just told me he wish to move to a nearby club for a sit out so we can talk though he is gonna play snooker before we leave but promise not to take my time.


So I agreed and he joined the game but let me sit right opposite him where he can look at me very closely as he plays so I have to behave and watch him play and my admirer wasn’t concentrating just busy starring as the opponent grab the win and he hurridely got up, grabbed me very closed to himself and whispered, “You are so beautiful, I must confess”.


With a kiss and hug he opened the car and we both entered and zoomed off to an ice cream shop which he bought 2 cups of ice cream while holding my hands, strolling my fingers very softly and that was very tickling and enticing. I felt like my body was going on a massage machine as if I should allow him touch my whole body infact, Chester was a real player, very romantic and sexy, he knows when to strike and where to touch, I could feel him right inside my body with those thrilling words coming from him I felt like asking for a real touch but am not gonna do that but held his hands to stop as he kisses my lips with his fingers strolling the lines of my pa….


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!


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