EXTORTION: 2 Asst. Superintendent Police Bags Exit…details

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Following the quest to install discipline and respect in the security personnels, the Rivers State Police Command has taken decisive action against officers involved in an extortion incident, and this led to the dismissal of one Inspector and the recommendation for dismissal of two Assistant Superintendents of Police (ASPs).


Among others, Inspector Michael Odey has been dismissed following the conclusion of an orderly room trial, while the two ASPs have been recommended for dismissal after being officially queried. Their ranks have been forwarded to the office of the Inspector General of Police to ensure a fair trial.



The incident, which occurred in December 2023, involved the alleged kidnapping and extortion of $3000 from two unidentified travellers. The state police command spokesperson, Superintendent Grace Iringe-Koko, confirmed the dismissal and recommended dismissal in a statement issued in Port Harcourt.


However, Iringe-Koko emphasized the commitment of the Rivers State Police Command to transparency and accountability, stating that all reports of misconduct by law enforcement agents would be handled seriously. She assured that appropriate actions would be taken to uphold fairness and justice.


The dismissal of the officers involved underscores the zero-tolerance stance of the police command against corruption and misconduct within its ranks. The disciplinary process for the ASPs involves review by the Inspector General of Police and the Police Service Commission to ensure a just resolution.


As investigations into similar cases continue, the state police command remains vigilant in upholding the integrity of law enforcement and ensuring the safety and security of all residents.




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