Emina III…Rated 18+

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intriguing & very thrilling

Written by Xexzy Amanda


…continued…I couldn’t but respond to the call by allowing him smooch and caress as long as he wishes with this sweet kisses and words making me want more infact the moment was very tempting but we just have to stop just to check up the entrance door and also allow me take my shower while he keep watching.

In a moment, Ben sat on a the bed with this excitement all over him as his eyes went this dim and sexy, he asked if he could join me in the shower as he is feeling so much of the fun and I kept scrubbing my body in that thrilling manner that can make a man go wild, he hurridly undressed and joined me in the shower and grabbed my body closely with his hand clipped round about me, moaning with excitement as we allow the moment take its place. 


After which we took a step to the kitchen to make some omelet and oatmeal for dinner as time was fast spent and Ben was ready to go back home but the excitement was so deep in him so he decided I join him to his house while promising to be gentle if I spend the night with him only at his aboard as he has lots of goodies for his birthday though he is yet to invite me to his birthday bash, meaning the party is yet to began.

I hurridely dressed in my evening wear, skimpy but sweet outfit, such that you can feel the legs so fitted with this kinda rope at the back which you can easily untie when the need arises. Ben smiled and placed his fingers on my thighs and whispered, “Babe, looking so sweet and enticing tonight, am gonna mark this date”.

So we entered his car and zoomed off to his aboard, on getting to his house was this kinda small sit out that is under a whistling pine tree with some colourful lights used to decorate the tree so Ben decided we get inside his house already so he can give me a little tour through his apartment while holding me from the back with kisses on my neck and cheek we move to his kitchen to grab some wine then fruits, nuts and some wine glass.

He popped the wine poured into two glasses the ushered me to the sitting room with his television showing some very raw movies, he just carried me to sit on his thighs while kissing my lips very deep and caressing my body very lustfully as if he want to have it right away  as I can feel the thickness right on my thighs, very warm and inviting he drag loose the rope which gave more chance for a real hold of my body.

He slipped his fingers under my dress the scroll through to my boo.. then to my honey pot just to feel the honey as it flows gently he grabbed me very closely while I placed my fingers on his J..to smooch gently even as he moans and wander in the passion of the moment .

Ben took the thrill to the next level, grabbing my pan… while plugging into the real world of ecstasy filled with this sweet portion of sweetness and deep feelings just to mark the moment as desired. I must confess Ben ain’t a learner but the real gamer.

..ends TGIS 

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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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