EFCC to the Public: Beware of Rising Phishing Activities…details 

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, wishes to alert the public of an alarming rise in phishing activities targeting unsuspecting individuals across various digital platforms.


In recent months, the Commission has observed a surge in fraudulent schemes designed to deceive individuals into disclosing sensitive personal information, including financial details, through deceptive emails, text messages, social media messengers and fake websites.



These phishing perpetrators often impersonate reputable organizations, financial institutions or government agencies, exploiting the trust of their victims for illicit gains.


The EFCC emphasizes the critical importance of vigilance and caution when encountering unsolicited communications or unfamiliar links, especially those requesting sensitive information or promising financial benefits.


Individuals must verify the authenticity of any communication (message) or website before divulging personal details or engaging in financial transactions.


Furthermore, the Commission urges the public to promptly report any suspected phishing attempt or fraudulent activity to its nearest Zonal Command or the nearest law enforcement agency. Timely reporting enables swift action to be taken in order to disrupt criminal operations and protect potential victims from financial losses and identity theft. For this purpose and other enquiries, call the EFCC hotline: +2348093322644 or send a message to the official email address : info@efcc.gov.ng.


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