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By Bion Bion

…Govt Appointee, Employee, Contractor Or Self-employed before coming to govern us



We, (Cherryl Media) and team took a trip to one of the busiest plazas (Robinson 1) at DECO Road, where IT, Telecommunication gadets of all types and categories are assured to reason with them on their views of the 2023 governorship race in Delta state and they were like “We Need a different style of governance to liberate our state from the demise of the past”.

We want MEN that can move our state to begin to Progress, though Gov. Okowa has just made it clear with his current body language of road repairs, airport construction, building of a world class state Secretariat and others as a roadmap to start the liberation journey.

Therefore, we don’t want to be foolish to bring forth any man who has no integrity, intelligence, business talent to come and take us backwards or destroy the roadmap which should be improved upon.

Delta state should not continue to be a playing ground where children throw pieces of garbage.

We want a man that has the capacity and capability with the knowledge of what to do to liberate the state but not the one who will  come and sapp our state treasury again.

Hence, all and sundary want Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi to lead our state not any other. Delta state has suffered enough in the hands of this same people, let Gbagi continue to  build from where Okowa stop.

We leave you all to weigh the words of these men as the words of men can also be the words of God, You need no suitsayer nor prophet anymore….


Comrade Daniel
First of all, I am Comrade Daniel Akintoye and why its called Robinson Gbagi mall and this is a mall that has absorbed a lot of youths and has created job opportunities for youths. It has absorbed a lot of youths directly and indirectly. This has reduced drastically the number of youths on the street.

This Mall provides businesses to we the youths, hence we pray and say a “Big Thank” you to Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi for providing such a big Mall for us to do business.

There is no other place in Delta with such a big market that can absorb up to over 7,000 youths.  If you are talking about a place to get anything like electrical gadget or IT/Telecom, you go straight to Robinson Gbagi Plaza.

Q: We have many aspirants in this 2023 Governorship race, are they really having the interest of the youths at heart.

First of all, I think the only business man and philanthropist among them all is Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi. He is an industrialist who has absorbed alot of youths. I don’t believe in hear say, all I know is that he has affected my life positively that’s why I can come out anyday, anytime and talk about him with keen interest. Even if you wake me from sleep, I will still tell you about Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi as one man that believes in his state and invest in the state while others don’t.

He has a “think home philosophy”, believes in the youths of his state hence he created many investments for the youths.

That is why come 2023, we are solidly behind Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi as the only industrialist that has the interest of the youths of Delta state at heart!


Egwolor Gbudje
As a business man to the core, and intending to contest the  2023 Governorship. Chief Gbagi is the right man that can develop and grow Delta state from wherever Okowa stop. I am Confident that he has 90% chance to win the primary because of his fan base.

Q: Among all the 2023 governorship aspirants, which one has the interest youths and the state in general.

Well, Chief Gbagi of course. Even as I haven’t met him one on one but his antecedents speaks loud and clear, so I think Gbagi has a good relationship with the youth of Delta state as well as the state itself.

Gbagi is a man of the people, he gives a listening ear especially when issues arises.  Personally, I wish to appeal to him to expand the Shopping Mall in every town in Delta State inorder to provide jobs to more youths. For sure, Gbagi should definitely count on our votes.

I am happy with his political intention come 2023, he should count on our votes.



We are enjoying a new computer village in Warri metropolitan city, very similar to that of Lagos though still growing. We are enjoying lots of patronage from far and nearby  states and we are happy for this plaza.

Q: What is your own view on the upcoming 2023 Governorship election and your rating of all Governorship aspirants especially Olorogun…

Before now, we have some of these aspirants in Delta state government system, political appointees and contractors who is in the state is to loot yet without shame, they are now coming out to tell Deltans again that, they wish to become Governor without shame but here is our Chairman, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi who has established many industries, factories including this very big mall that has removed a lot of youths off the street, putting food on their tables and made security possible in our state.

This plaza accomodated up to 1,500 which is approximately over 70% of both unmarried and already married youths. The youths in this mall earns from their businesses to care for their families.

Even graduates like us who graduated from Universities and Polytechnics without white collar jobs are able to get something doing.

Investments created by Olorogun Gbagi has helped and still helping alot of Deltans, especially we the youths. So, we the youths know the worth and value of Chief Gbagi and are ready to vote for him massively come February 2023.

Q:Spot the difference between and among the governorship aspirants…

Well! I dont have any good record of others except Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi who is a man with vision, an Industrialist who have done so much right from Ughelli South Local Government Area to other parts of Delta.

Among all the aspirants, Olorogun Gbagi is a man of vision. Others lack vision for instance, “the likes of one of the aspirants who has been in the Senate for over 16 years, yet nothing to show forth. Others who have been in government  since  1999 has nothing to show for their long service.

So let’s give a thumb up to Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi and support him with the opportunity to govern the state as he is the only one that can beat  APC candidate hands down.

Q: What will be your prediction for PDP Governorship election, come 2023…

Olorogun Gbagi has a big chance of winning the election, he is Intellectually, financially capable and has all the infrastructural ability to deliver Delta state to progress.  Unlike other aspirants, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi is very discipline and accountable, infact, he is the man PDP needs to outshine APC presently.


Mrs Manus Edileh
Briefly tell us your opinion about Chief Gbagi…

Infact, Chief Gbagi is a blessing to everyone especially the youths and women.

For the coming 2023 governorship election, Chief Gbagi is a good man who keeps to his words, I believe he will definitely win and we will support Chief!


Tobechukwu Ejiriudo

Since 2017, I have heard so much about Chief Gbagi.

Truely Olorogun Gbagi is a philanthropist, he has properties situated in every nook and cranny of Warri metropolitan city.

Infact, Chief is a detrabalised person and picks anyone from any tribe to work with him as a son or daughter. This is one of the reasons why everyone speaks of his good qualities.

As one who is politically inclined, most politicians including the aspirants coming out for 2023 Governorship are civil servants who are fully dependent on the state treasury and without the state treasury they can’t survive.

Only Chief Gbagi is different, he has made money, used money, grown money, nurtured money, raised money and invested money in the state.

Indeed, Gbagi is the kind of man Delta state needs because he knows what to do to raise the IGR of the state.

So come 2023, we will definitely stand for progress. Therefore, our  support is sure for Olorogun Gbagi.


Victor Agbro Wede
Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi is a pure business mogul with a business driven spirit, created opportunities for youth and women employment.

As a matter of fact, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi from his record has done very well beyond expectation and I believe he is the kind of Governor that Delta state needs.

Delta state has fallen backwards so badly but with Chief Gbagi it will come back better. Gbagi is the only one among the numerous aspirants who can bounce back our dear in the area of industries. Chief Gbagi is a good man who have the interest of Deltans at heart and will deliberately change the story of Delta state for the best. I will definitely stand with Gbagi for progress if not for any other thing.

I will deliberately vote for Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi for progress to come!

To this end, we decided to have a final word with the Chairman of the Robinson plaza 1, Deco road just to cap up our previous chat. The able young entrepreneur made us to know that Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi is like a father to him as he took him in as a son to mentor him.

According to him, Olorogun Gbagi is a man who is mentally balanced, believes in growth, investment, teaching one how to fish instead of giving him fish. He is also regarded as a man of many parts.

Come 2023, Deltans want a “talk na do” Leader, operation show us what you have done in the state and for the Deltans.

In line with our expectations, we are also calling on all aspirants to show us what they have done for the state and for Deltans as “talk is cheap” and we Deltans are not ready for bamboozling of words from any aspirant be it PDP or APC.

All we are asking for is progress, development in our state, therefore we are going to only give our support to the only man who sabi road to Delta progress and that man ofcourse is Olorogun Bar. Kenneth Gbagi, the man that believes so much in the state, the right man for the Governorship position.

I saw an article where he mentioned that he will build 100 factories within his 100 days in office and I bet you, it’s a work over for this aspirant, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi.

Delta state is in need of that one real man who is mentally, financially and intellectually strong.

Lets all come together to choose rightly and stand fully “Gidigba” for Progress.

With Gbagi, no shaking!

We Moove!

…follow us as we unveil the SCORECARD 3

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