Delta@32: Gbagi Greets Deltans, Makes Strong Remarks

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The Delta State Governorship candidate of Social Democratic Party, SDP, Olorogun (Barr) Kenneth Gbagi FNIM, OON has congratulated Deltans for making it through at Delta 32.


He went further to urge Deltans not to relent in pursuing their rightful desires.



In his statement, he expressed, “Fellow Deltans, it is with mixed feelings that I bring greetings of love having by influx of time attended 32 years since creation.


It is no joke to have had a child that is 32 years old but unfortunately whilst Deltans as a people has nothing to celebrate.


The structure of Delta State has remain large the same as left for us by our Queen head masters whilst tons of tons of money had come passing the name Delta State.


It does not reflect on the ground giving all we have received as a people. It is unfortunate that what is remaining for us makes us a laughable stock in the committee of states in Nigeria and elsewhere in the globe.


Nothing will happen unless we collectively as a people decide even though it is late, our common patrimony, our destiny as a people given the fact that there is no other state, we Deltans can claim to be ours except this one which is “Delta state”.


It is therefore not that one wants to play cosmetics lip service as to the speed in which we are running into self extinction, calls for concern. I have laid myself, my life given the fact that God has been extremely kind to me to liberate us as a people.


“Search yourselves, search your environment, Delta was one of the first four province in Nigeria with all the endowments, Delta state is the biggest slum in Nigeria while I mourn this day as Delta attends 32 years have nothing to show for it .


It is about time, fellow Deltans you join hands together with me in my quest to liberate this state, “Delta” from Deceit, Theft, unproductiveness, lack of development.


I hold myself that we have all, God gave us all to be one of the richest state in Nigeria, the world at large but we have to be decisive, the Bible said, “take hold of that which is yours or else the devourer will take it”.


It is in this understanding that, I participated in the election and it was clear that nobody else was qualified among those that participated in 2023 Governorship election except for my humble self in the quest to liberate us which I know God has sanctioned.


Join me to ensure that, we turn our fortunes collectively around for the good, greatness and massive speedy development which is what we urgently require as a state.


Happy 32nd Anniversary!


God Bless!



Olorogun (Barr) Kenneth Gbagi FNIM, OON

Delta State Governorship Candidate of SDP


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