“Delta State PDP: The Crucial Test of Transparency And Accountability.”

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The recent distribution of COVID-19 Palliatives in Delta State has sparked concerns and raised questions about the transparency and accountability of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in the state. As we approach the 2027 Gubernatorial elections, it is crucial for Delta State PDP to heed this warning: this palliatives distribution is a litmus test, and how they handle it may determine their fate in the upcoming political battle against the All Progressives Congress (APC).



The Ibori Dynasty’s Assets in NDDC: “A Cash Cow for APC”.

One of the factors that make this test even more critical is the alleged positioning of the Ibori Dynasty’s assets within and outside the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) as a potential cash cow for the APC. It is no secret that political battles are often fought with money, and if Delta State PDP chooses to play politics in a manner reminiscent of how the COVID-19 Palliatives were distributed, they risk falling victim to a well-funded opposition in 2027.


The Lesson from Palliative Distribution:
The distribution of COVID-19 Palliatives served as a glaring example of how politics can interfere with the welfare of Deltans. While the intention behind palliatives was to alleviate the suffering of the people during the pandemic, allegations of favoritism, manipulation, and exclusion were rife. It is a lesson that should not be forgotten.


The Role of the SSG:
One of the most concerning aspects of the palliatives distribution was the role played by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) in exempting certain groups while allegedly fabricating political NGOs that may be used to shortchange Deltans of their rightful welfare from the federal government. This has raised serious questions about transparency, due process, and the credibility of those entrusted with the welfare of the people.


The Call for Transparency:
As concerned citizens, we cannot stand idly by and watch this unfold. Delta State PDP must recognize that transparency and accountability are the cornerstones of a thriving democracy. The SSG, in particular, must be held accountable for his actions and decisions, which have the potential to impact the lives of countless Deltans.


The upcoming 2027 Gubernatorial elections in Delta State will be a crucial battleground for political parties. However, Delta State PDP must not forget the lessons learned from the COVID-19 Palliatives distribution. The allegations of favoritism and manipulation cannot be ignored. The party must prioritize transparency, due process, and the welfare of the people above all else. Deltans will remember how they were treated, and their votes will speak volumes about their expectations from their leaders. The world is watching, and it is up to Delta State PDP to prove that they are committed to the principles of democracy and the well-being of their constituents by inclusivity of the various active CSO’s, NGO’s, CBO’s and Volunteers in Delta State.

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