Delta Guber 2023: Why Una Dey Fear Gbagi, Na Him We State Need To Better Again…

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By Bion Bion


…whether we like am or not Baba Okowa don try him best, make we support the man wey go fit repair, rebuild we state o!



…nobodi wey no get him own wahala for bodi, nobodi big pass God o, cut meat, cut meat na for cow bodi


My Fellow Deltans,


E beta say we choose better person today, make wahala finish for Delta state than say we go still carry oju kokoro person wey go only use we state moni tak put Gold for him own house o.


Make we all come togeda use this we sense wey God don give us take think well, come support that one person wey go fit deliver we state from dis kin nyamanyama stage wey we dey now.


Make we no go use we hand carry pipo wey go finish we state kpatapata put for dis we governorship sit o because na we go still suffer am later, the pipo wey dey fight make better person like Gbagi no come help we state no get anything to offer o.


Make we check am sef, dis pipo don dey sitdon for dis same sit since 1999 yet dem no do anything for we state na only suffer suffer dem keep for we to dey suffer for we own state.


We wey bi youths, women, elders na we dey suffer am pass, no job, no moni, no food, no shelter, no good road, no good security, na die we dey so o!


If we fall mugu again go support dis wayo pipo wey go come dey promise tins wey dey no go fit ever do for we state, na him bi say we own don finish kpatapata o!


Mak we shine we eyes, reject that jigbiti and wayo moni wey dem dey give we delegates, youth, make we follow support we own person wey dey for SDP wey don see moni, make moni, grow moni, because na Gbagi bi we person wey go fit WORK mak we state bi great again.


If we follow bad belle pipo mouth, we state go just finish o!


…talk dey cheap o, Gbagi na di Game!


Support SDP, Gbagi for we life to better again!


Gbagi na ODOGWUGbagi ga etulu UGO Lota!


Deltans Wadoo!


We Moove!

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