Delta 2023:WHO THE CAP FITs…Score Yourself

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By Bion Bion

…who is who in this game of throne!


Ahead of the 2023 Governorship election, expectations are very high and the clash of interest keeps popping up for “Who the CAP FITs”.

It has become a Game of Throne as many aspirants from different factions (PDP vs PDP and APC vs APC) keep pushing their interest forward while some few ones feels the political juggernauts will on the long run play the usual card to determine where the ball rolls either Central or North or South or thereabout while others keep playing cards underground just to fit into the game when they knew that they have nothing to offer as they already cascaded out with their basket filled with gabbages which amounts to nothing and  the fact remains that Central will emerge with the king for the throne.

This whole game makes no sense and will not work this time as Deltans will be playing  cautiously with pride this twenty-first century as the jobbers who have played the state off the pitch for many years wish to keep playing with thorned rackets and that might not be possible as Governor Okowa has gradually played back the ball into the pitch for a the true roadmap for Delta state.

Of course the throne presently is not for Jobbers but for one qualified Governorship aspirant who has all it takes to leverage on the Gov. Okowa’s laid foundation to lead the state to its promise land where infrastructural progress is Assured.

Looking at the visible PDP Governorship aspirants; Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi, David Edevbie and others then from APC; Ovie Omo Agege and others. The pendulum swings clearly to central and only one man stands a chance of grabbing the throne as certain qualities needed for the position (detrabalised, industrialist, integrity, intellectual, strong business acumen, a team player) in him as character can’t be bought or looted or bribed.

Only one aspirant will emerge winner in 2023, the report card of each aspirant will determine the way forward to the throne as we proceed and the need to agree with the reality that, only one man have all it takes to push Delta state forward.

Henceforth, let all Governorship aspirant score themselves and show their report cards.

Who is Who in this Game of Throne!


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