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By Bion Bion

…the fruit of a true leader is seen, not said or imagined!


Recently, Nigeria youths have been agitating on their position in the nation, as most government have not been favourable to the youths in terms of leadership, security, employment, allocations, comfortability, health wise, freedom to express ones mind and talent.

The quest to become something, and be recognized in every facet of practice in Government, has become their desire day in day out, as the solution to all their plight must be seen from the government of a man who operates in a particular compassionate level. A man who believes in equality, who is detrablized, whose idea and desire gives hope and comfort to the youths, with assurance to achieving their dreams as youths.

Frankly speaking, the”sweetness of the pudding is in its tasting”. Amongst all Delta State governorship aspirants for 2023, comes one solid hope of assurance for the youths, as by their fruits you shall know them.

Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi has indicated his pointer of upliftment once more to the youths, as it encompasses all areas, such as employment, empowerment, financial growth, financial independence, healthy living, right to education, strong security and freedom of speech, which are all imbeded in the projective plan package of Gbagi, come 2023.

In his recent interview, Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi reassured the youths empowerment and financial  independence will be one of the dividends of his governance come 2023, for the growth of the citizens, especially the youths of Delta state.

He demonstrated that, in his activities in the state which he provided employment and  financial independence to the youths with his
wealth creation opportunities, by buiding businesss infrastructures that have provided means of livelihood for the youths of Delta State, especially those in Warri and environs. These include the plaza at PTI, which is located opposite Signatious hotel, shopping malls, hotels. The Robinson plaza in Deco road, warri, is a very popular plaza which has turned into a business hub in Warri, and can be likened to the computer village of Lagos. Even Delta state has been  benefitting from it in terms of revenue and employment for the past 30 years.

It will interest you to know that Olorogun Gbagi is more of a “Talk Na Do” personality. With his many parts embedded in his talent as a business intellectual with foresight before now, which prompted him to deliver such huge investments back home, as he is also one with a “Think home philosophy”. He believes in himself, and the growth of his people, especially the youths and women, which is very dear to his heart.

Kenneth Gbagi’s assurance for the youths’ empowerment and financial independence is sure, as he has already set the pace of achievement for the race, making himself relevant for 2023.

Come 2023, Deltans must be ready to embrace growth in infrastructure and thw economy, inorder to tackle and scrap off INSECURITY completely for a BETTER future of the state.

A choice of governance with business intelligence, and infrastructural  development will make more sense, as it would improve the lives of Deltans, as well as Delta state.

Think Gbag! Think Delta State’s Progress!

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