Delta 2023: Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi We Know But Then Who Are You…

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By Bion Bion


show your investments in the state as a true lover of Delta state



…declare your vision and mission for the state


Looking at all the PDP Governorship Aspirants, you will agree with me that Leaders are born not made nor bought and Delta state will not settle for less or any aspirant that has nothing to show to back up his interest.

In line with the above, it becomes pertinent for all PDP Aspirants both the ones declaring or denying declaring interest or the ones that has cascaded out or the ones that has settled for lobbying to declare their talents (Achievements) over the years in the state and for Deltans as any man who is indicating interest in running this race of Governorship come 2023 should have been known by their fruits as a son of the soil from the state who truely love the state progress.


However, the grassroots should be able to verge for the aspirants for their capacity from family level, their ability to deliver in all purposes especially those in government services because it’s not going to be business as usual and not just okay for one to wake up after playing in his bedroom, promising stuffs after then come out on social media to declare interest when he has nothing, no ideas,  no capacity, no integrity, no love for the state and citizens except for what he will selfishly acquire from the state, Deltans are wiser this time and will not tolerate such impunity.


Take it or leave it, “operation show your worth” in the state will come to play this time before any contest as an adage has put it clear to us that, “a man can only offer what he possess inside” and it will be unfair for Deltans and Delta state to receive “cans of more worms poured on them as dividend of Democracy” in the state as Delta state has seen enough of that wicked dance in the years past from the jobbers.


Come 2023, more will be expected from whom more will be given, the Governorship position will no longer accept anything less therefore the throne is not meant for BOYS but ABLE MEN!


…aspirants scorecard coming soon


Deltans should get ready…


We Move for Progress!

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