Deimos Achieves Google Infrastructure Specialisation…details

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A technology company, Deimos whivh specialises on cloud-native solutions has presently achieved Google Infrastructure Specialisation.


This specialisation was awarded to Deimos in recognition of its proven technical proficiency in architecting and building Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and workflows for clients across diverse sectors.



This was disclosed in a statement on Monday that it was among the top cloud infrastructure companies to be accredited with the specialisation.


Having partnered with Google, Deimos clients stand to benefit faster cloud migrations, optimised environments, reduced risks, and maximised performance.


Deimos said the specialisation grants access to cutting-edge GCP features, enabling the company to future-proof clients’ cloud solutions and gain a competitive edge.

With expertise in both the Google infrastructure and security specialisations, which Deimos achieved in 2022, the tech company said its team was equipped to offer trusted guidance and a deeper understanding of GCP surpassing non-specialised providers, and ensuring robust and secure cloud solutions for clients.


Speaking on the achievement, the CEO and co-founder at Deimos, Andrew Mori stated, “We are proud to earn this infrastructure specialisation through delivering innovative work with our clients using Google Cloud”.


He remarked that the achievement underscored the company’s unwavering commitment to providing clients with the highest quality GCP solutions whilst utilising in-house developed managed infrastructure to help their businesses scale and be more flexible and efficient without overspending.


‘‘Our team is fully dedicated to achieving excellence in GCP, validated by meeting Google’s rigorous standards,” Mori said.


Since its launch in 2018, Deimos claimed that it has ensured that clients benefit from a highly scalable and fault-tolerant environment, ensuring compliance with Google’s three nines (99.9 per cent) uptime requirements.




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