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…sweet, intriguing and  romantic


My life wasn’t that luxurious but filled with  sweet, sensational and cosy moments iced with a little bit of some roughed experiences which made it more memorable.


TGIF, the day is still very young with a little bit of sunset in the air, I just feel the moment as warmth and promising as expected. A little fun will make the day fulfilling and keep it remarkably awesome for my quest.

As I can feel that pleasant moment for two to tangle with this kinda blue sky shining  slowly with warm breeze blowing pass through trees indicating that romantic atmosphere, you can imagine but I am very positive that having such an invitation to a ball party tonight will make more meaning and am not gonna miss it but will definitely enjoy it while it last though am yet to tidy up some work before evening.

This invitation came just arrived from an old friend whom I cherish so much then but not very close though some of my office colleagues then will describe him as harsh and boring because of his strict nature but I dont give a damn as he was just a perfect bestie for me then though not too close for a romance.

And I will describe him as confidential personality as we share ideas and thoughts together with our little secrets saved in our minds. I can actually consider him as my bestie though not too close for romance, we both do our things our ways with his lady by his side while I am also  hooked with my man too then but we are just compatible, I will say.

No need to wonder what sort of  relationship that could be but it actually existed though most times might germinate some love seeds. You don’t need to worry your head with imaginations because I might not be your choice of woman but the best version of a women can be seen in me though some circumstances might have played some silly tricks on my person but then been  pretty, bold truly portrays me as the ultimate version of a true lady and that makes it more adventurous than you think, I bet!

Ofcourse, you don’t need to fault me of some silly mistakes that might have risen from life events because that’s the many journey of life and that I have experienced but I assure you having met one lady like me, is just like many priceless diamonds.

And as always there are some good and harsh lessons to learn from it,  you may call me Judy Kent, tall, curvy, pretty and bold, infact that kind of lady every good man desires but Judy is addicted to success and fun loving so she deliberately goes for whatever interests her in life, thats actually part of my hobby.

As Judy, not listening to some loud music keeps me sane except if I am in the mood for dancing sweat and I am very smart in making choices of who and what becomes part of me, I promise you that hooking up with friends for parties isnt my lifestyle but if need be I try to follow my instinct especially now that I have one to attend and thats how I am cultured so exploring friends makes me feel the real essence of living because that has equipped my life better with experiences that keeps me going.

You might be wondering what kind of personality is Judy Kent but that’s how I am wired to either love someone or be loved by someone yet I am fun loving.

I like men with bold appearance, cute, caring, natural lovers, one like Jack though that isn’t the best version of men but I can predict from his looks, tough, gentle but a bit strict with words, that I detaste but as we journey together in life that will be trashed gradually, I believe.

Having successfully cleared my office work load, I grabbed my handbag as I book the taxi back to my aboard just to freshen up as its already 6:00pm, office closes by 5:00pm and I have some life to catch up after work so I flagged down the next avaliable cab back home.

Approaching my door, I picked up some parcel from the entrance of the door then rushed straight to my room even as I undress quickly and entered the bath tub with my white lingeries gummed to my curves allowing my rose bulging with my  nipples shooting so strong and firm on my lace bra as if it were to pierce the lace as its waiting for this warmth massage and ready for a real suck which cold blow your mind so I slowly slipped my body inside the bath tub filled with pink foaming bubbles from a scented fragranced shower gel that gives my body that sweet arousing scent for any man with a sense of humour longing for a touch and a kiss.

Tick-Tock my clock beeps and the alarm screams as it exactly clocked 7:00pm even as I was enjoying my long relaxing bath so I hurridly jump out of my shower room, cleaned up my body, caressing my skin with some moisturising pomade then wore my sweet pink lace pant with brazzaire then put on my short white skirt and a black hugged armless top which makes my chocolate brown colour glows with a silver tiny necklace, earrings as it fits my dressing, put on my black heely shoe with a silver clog bag to blend my outfit infact you can figure out my appearance.

So I went ahead to lock my door ready to go for the ball party all by myself, no companion, no Jack so free and you are invited to score the party on my behalf, hopped into my small sports car cruising straight to the venue, tonight is gonna be so intriguing I bet.

Arriving at the parking lot with so much music coming loud from the venue, remember I don’t fancy loud music but it’s not my party especially when it has to do with the top class, no choice than to blend maybe later on the music will go slow definitely.

From a distance, heard someone calling Judy and I pretended as if I heard nothing but as I stepped further to the party hall entrance who did I met, “Jack” and he just hugged me, carried me up and gave me a big kiss on my forehead and cheek saying, “Baby Judy, thank God I found you tonight…”

…to be continued next week, dont miss out!

Written by Xexzy  Amanda

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