Book Launch:Temi Taiwo-Oni Unveils The First Edition of “Book Versations” 

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…a conversational review of her debut book BeGone


BeGone is a short prose piece that narrates a story of self-redemption and the reinforcement to confront our fears.


Book Versations which held at Ignite AFRICA was graced by the presence of top professionals and literary enthusiasts including Dr. Monisola Lawal, Assistant Medical Director, Osuntuyi Medical Centre; Taiwo Oni, MD/CEO Epsellon Energy Limited; Juwon Odutayo, Author and therapist; and Author, Olumide Holloway amongst others.


Commenting on what motivated her to name the book “BeGone”, Temi Taiwo-Oni who is a creative writer explained that, BeGone is a wordplay on Be Gone and Begun. She attributed the essence of the title to Araba Cole, the main character of the story, who wanted to be gone from the unsavory situation she had found herself in, and the new chapter which began for her when life threw a change of circumstances at her.


Temi Taiwo-Oni went further to explain tha, the story “BeGone” encapsulates the story of human experiences and the world’s view of what is right or logical might not be entirely easy or logical to do.


She said, It’s a story that tells the public that they are not alone in the fixes they find themselves in. There are people out there who understand. It’s a story to train the minds of the public to look beyond the ordinary at those around them, and be of help as much as they can to support them.”


The Author and Family therapist, Juwon Odutayo believes that what the author did with the story was to chronicle the story of a woman who built a shield around herself and appeared to so many people that she was okay.


He continued: “When she gets to a boiling point then she could no longer take it. She was able to confront societal norms and pressure, that would want you to solve the problem from inside the marriage, that if there is a problem, you can still stay in the marriage and still solve the problem. The author was bold enough to tell the story in such a way that I don’t have to be near you to be light; I can be far away and shine and you will still see the light. That’s what strikes me in the story. The book addresses what’s going on today and what many people are not able to talk about.”


Temi Taiwo-Oni also presented more copies of the book to Ignite Africa. Book Versations marks the first public event by Ignite Africa since the COVID pandemic.

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