Boat Cruise IV…..Rated 18+

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…pure romance, errotic & Intriguing 


By Xexzy Amanda



Continued…As we rush inside the room, he hurridly put on the light with the heater to make us sweat the more, he grab my pant and hold on to my roses caressing it then pull the pant down with his mouth, with a kiss on my tummy then he pull the dress up a bit bending me with my face on the bed he grabbed my hips from the back kiss my back gently down with his body pressed very close to mine.


I could feel the truth behind all his admiration, the real man inside him as Kim, so strong, warm and sweet I could feel every beat of his touch so warm and inviting as I succumb to this moment of truth, Kim delivered his message so well that we both moan as we rushed back to the bathroom.


We played for a while before rushing out to have some fruits then joined the party back where the ball dance continued in peace and the sweet moment keep flowing with this romantic voice, Kim whispers to my ears even as he holds me very close to himself as we rock and roll all throughout the dance hall.


I could feel that man in him calling for a very close affection though I knew deep inside me, I can’t deny that such sweet feelings from Kim but all I wish to know is the heart that calls for me, if its that of a casanova or a lover or that of a boom as I have witnessed all signs in him but a bit confused as he is that kinda man who tries to play along to suit your game but I bet you!


I am gonna let loose a bit to be able to score him as he is a very smart sweet fellow and cannot easily be caught even when plotted that straight. I assure you Kim seems quiet but bold and have this sexy smile that could make a lady fall again and again but I assure you again, I will survive him.


You know one thing, this night might be very short because I am going to make him long for more time with me, I grabbed his hands as we are dancing, placed his fingers on my bums while we dance then I picked a glass of wine from one of the ushers, sip it then kissed him with the wine in my mouth then use my mouth to kiss open his shirt button and kissed his chest, sucking the nips gently then whispered to his ears to come get me and I ran out straight back to the next closet where is meant only for special couples then I push him to sit then hang my legs on the table while pulling off my pa…then threw it on him while keep watching me row my legs wide and closed it back.


Kim was on fire, he was feeling every moment of it then he rushed to hold me but I drew backwards then he pleaded for more while I keep dribbling just to make him catch more fun and we decided to move back to the room while the party keep going, we continued the dance and caressing in the room till we rocked through with Kim pumping very hard while moaning with lots of kisses the night went so sweet that the morning came so fast.


I must confess the boat party was meant for us, full of fun with lots of exciting moment, wish you experience one this weekend.




…to be continued tomorrow for a new episode…TGIF


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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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