Boat Cruise III…..Rated 18+

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…very romance & errotic


By Xexzy Amanda



Continued…It is fun time and the key to the flex in there lies in our hands so we have to join the dance floor as all couples began to rock the floor but play by the rule inorder to be part of the fun. Kim is one that loves to dance and as we dance, his fingers keep rocking my body as if he want to eat my whole body with kisses and caresses he made me fall in for the moment, resisting this moment will be difficult, you know!


But I had no choice than to hold him back as we kiss infact my body was on fire, the desire was so much that I could barely resist the fun and he keep caressing my boobs down to my hips, then he raises my dress as we dance just to feel the warmness of my roses but you could imagine what the moment was like till he decided we get back to the lodge.


Infact, the moment was such that one could actually ask for the real thing but you know as a lady, I have to pretend as if I never care about the entire play but I bet you! Kim isn’t a one minute man from his actions, all that was ringing in my head was to let him play all through the night.


So approaching the door of our lodge, he pushed me by the wall with a very warm kiss he reminded me if the buttons of my dress, explaining how he will tear off the dress just to have that sweet moment with me without any obstruction.


As we rush inside the room, he hurridly put on the light with the heater to make us sweat the more, he grab my pant and hold on to my roses caressing it then pull the pant down with his mouth, with a kiss on my tummy then he pull the dress up a bit bending me with my face on the bed he grabbed my hips from the back kiss my back gently down with his body pressed very close to mine.


I could feel the truth behind all his admiration, the real man inside him as Kim, so strong, warm and sweet I could feel every beat of his touch so warm and inviting as I succumb to this moment of truth, Kim delivered his message so well that we both moan and moan as we rushed back to the bathroom.


Kim is just the best version of a man though arrogant and proud but fits into my kinda man, strong, sexy, romantic and a very good match for a lady like me with this sweet sexy body with my boobs having my nips pointing to your eyes and my hips not lying to your desire, every man’s dream of a lady.


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!


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we gat your weekend grooving!

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