Boat Cruise II…..Rated 18+

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pure romance, errotic & Intriguing 


By Xexzy Amanda



Continued…While I was busy undressing in my bedroom then showered after which I put on my very short fitted gown with a flat sandals with some wet pink lipstick to make my lips very inviting and sexy, having styled my curly hair, bouncing up and down then I stepped out like a queen of the moment and Kim was astonished then grabbed my hands with a kiss on my fingers while whispering, “Her Majesty, permit me to hold you tonight” as we went straight into his car and zoomed off for the boat party venue.


Approaching the venue, the crowd was much so we then joined the crew ready to dispatch, Kim held tightly my hands pulling me closer to himself as we entered the ship, he held me very close to his body kissing my lips gently even as we watch the beautiful sight of the ship decoration as the entire boat was lightened up with different colours he whispered to me, “Life is Beautiful”, while caressing my body with his fingers placed on my hips, playing my boobs with this kinda feelings that could make your body call for the real thing but that was an open reception of the ship so he held back a bit, awaiting for the user to approach us so he can get our room ready for tonight’s groove.


I could hear his heart beating so fast and that desire burning inside him, Kim could not just hold back but grabbed my body very close to himself with his fingers stroking all over my thighs, curves as if he actually want to have my roses touched in a very sexy manner but then one of the ushers came towards us and said, “Welcome Monsieur, would you mind I lead you to your room as the party is starting soon”.


So Kim nodded his head to the usher and we followed him to a very cosy room and the usher opened the door ushered us in with our small luggages then handed the room card to Kim and bid us goodbye. This moment was the very one every man or woman desires as we both kick the door closed then fell on the bed and Kim started kissing and caressing with his JT pumping hard on my body as if it would tear off my dress, I could fill the thickness and lengthy part of the entire thing.


Infact, I had to use my fingers to caress it inorder to master the actual length and hugeness as my body was also waiting, open for the invitation while Kim is already floating in that world of ecstasy with the fantasy awaiting to be harnessed.


The music was also very slow and steady, indeed romantica even as we keep rocking the moment but I had to remind him that we ought to get downstairs to join the full party so we hurridly jumped into the bathroom showered then dressed and went downstairs for the main party.


The funniest part was that the party was underneath the ship and you could only access the membership with a face mask which will completely disguise your identity. So we proceeded to the enterance picked two glasses of champagne then wore the masks as we proceeded to the party hall.


It is fun time and the key to the flex in there lies in our hands so we have to join the dance floor as all couples began to rock the floor but play by the rule inorder to be part of the fun so Kim is one that love to dance and as we dance, his fingers keep rocking my body as if he want to want to eat my whole body with kisses and caresses he made me fall in for the moment, resisting this moment will be difficult, you know!


But I had no choice than to hold him back as we kiss infact my body was on fire, the desire was so much that I could barely resist the fun and he keep caressing my boobs down to my waist where he raises my dress as we dance just to feel the warmness of my roses to feel my cl…


…to be continued next weekend for part III…TGIS!


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…we gat your weekend grooving!


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