Boat Cruise I…..Rated 18+

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..pure romance, errotic & Intriguing 


By Xexzy Amanda



The sky looks so bright, with the weather showing off a little sign of breezy rain though drizzlling such that I could hardly predict if the sun will actually shine all through but I am confident that, its gonna be a very beautiful day as I will be going for a boat cruise, who knows what it might bring forth, maybe sweet.


Well! I am Cindy, my friends call me Creamy but you can also figure it out who I might represent. I love to play a lot, my hobby is to play fun games and take the win if possible.


Stepping into my kitchen, I could see this cute guy beside my window checking the birds flying pass in the air with him dragging this kinda white chihuahua dog which stood down beside my window crying as if the mother was right inside my house, so I quickly opened my window and shouted ‘hello‘ to the guy and he responded with a smile saying, “My dog has fallen in love with your aboard, I always pick him up by your door side anything it goes out, don’t know why”.


I smiled and shock my head in astonishment and said,  “Oh! Sorry about that buddy, though not my fault”. He nodded his head and whispered, “Cool like that”, so I stepped out to say hello to the poor thing and asked “What’s his name?” And he answered, “Shu” then I stretched my hands for Shu and it jumped on me with lots of kisses on my cheek then the guy again said, “I am Kim, lives at the neighbourhood, you can join me tonight for a boat party if you don’t mind”.


So I smiled then nod my head and said, “Oh! I was actually invite “Goodbye” to him. Kim’s appearance shows a complete gentleman like look but at the same time might be very roughed when it comes to women. I could picture it in his eyes the way he looked at me when I was talking to him as if he is gonna grab me in his arms with this kinda hot kiss to seal up the moment.


But as a smart man, Kim went fast off with his dog straight down the road and I continued with my chores then at about 7:00 pm, I heard a car honking right in front of my door, I was wondering whom that cool car sound would actually be. To cut it short, Kim came to pick me  for the boat cruise so I decided to accept his invitation as it sounds tempting and romantic while  I could imagine how romantic that moment could become.


So I decided to usher him inside my house, offered him a glass of wine and some roasted steaks while he waited for me to shower and dress up. Kim was also busy wondering around the house, watching all the painting on portraits of my pretty self on the wall.


While I was busy undressing  in my bedroom and showered after which I put on my very  short fitted gown with a flat sandals with some wet pink lipstick to make my lips very inviting, having done with curly hair, bouncing up and down then I stepped out like a queen of the moment and Kim took my hands then kissed my fingers lustfully while whispering, “Her Majesty, permit me to hold you tonight” as we went straight into his car and zoomed off for the boat party venue.


As we approach the venue, we then joined the crew ready to dispatch, Kim held tightly my hands pulling me closer as we highlighted into the ship, he held me very close to his body kissing my lips gently even as we watch the beautiful sight of the boat decoration as the entire boat was lightened up with different colours he whispered to me, “Life is Beautiful”, while caressing my body with his fingers placed on my hips, playing my boo…


…to be continued next weekend…TGIS!


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…we gat your weekend grooving!


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