Blind Date III….Rated 18+

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sweet romance, intriguing & sexy

…continued…And in a moment, he told me we can move to the beach side as they are having some fun time on the beach so I agreed then we moved to buy some beach wear, he got himself a carribean shirt then a carribean pants and bra for myself so we both dressed and joined them to play volley ball on the beach after which we decided to move round for some barbecue and fries then some fruity mixed coconut drink with a little whiskey.


I really enjoyed the moment with Husser then he decided we hire a small hut on the beach where we can spend the night while the party continues so we did hire the hut very close to the beach as we can see the waters clapping together and the horse riders strolling through while we play, just and cuddle together.

Husser is a very passionate person, his caring and playful nature will make you fall in love with him and I don’t know how the night will look like as we have made up our mind to enjoy the beach together so Husser drew closer himself, kissing all over my body with this kinda sweet words that can make your head go gaga infact, his hands were all over me with this sweet kiss on my lips, neck, I just felt like the night is not going to finish, the fantasy was so much and my body was on fire as he rocks my entire body I could feel the moment so much in my veins and my roses keep panting faster for more.

Husser also in this same fantasy with his body so warm and strong bulging through his clothes, his tits so strong that as a touch of my tongue on it melts him and triggered some kinda moaning that made me feel him the more infact he was ready to have it all this moment as my body was so warm while the weather continues very cold.

My entire body fires for the thrill even as Husser continued rocking my body for real, my boobs got puffed with the tits pointing so hard towards him he could imagine if it could pierce the linen, Husser could hold but sofly fingers it all, caressing it gentle which brought some more exciting feeling and that prepared me roses for a serious touch and he hurriedly grabbed my hips scrolling every bit of it as if I was a book, flipping in and out of it all while I held on to his body, watching his JT smooching gently on my bums infact you can’t beat this moment as I feel like giving up to the moment, surrendering to his command till the music started and everyone jumped in excitement to dance.

Husser and I, Katie seems very compatible and I must confess I feel every bit of his company. He pulled me very close to himself as we needed to go catch some more fun with others, at least be a witness of the fun time on the beach so as to ascertain if need for a come back next weekend but Husser keep drawing me back to himself as he was very hard on and needed to calm down so I yielded to his call falling on his body while he kisses passionately all over me with his body hugging so tight on mine with his sweet voice moaning as he drills deeper, harder and sweeter as we books a new date but this time not a blind one as the moment has been broken with fantasy.


….to be continued next weekend TGIS

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…we gat your weekend grooving!

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