Blind Date II….Rated 18+

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..sweet romance, intriguing


…continued…And Husser kissed my hands then hugged me very closely, then called the waiter to serve our table with champagne then ordered some barbecue fish to cool off the evening while sitting very close to each other. I can tell from his look on me, he really want more of the moment but there is nothing we can do than watch each other even though we already seem to have affection for each other but you know how it works. We still need to know each other better.



Infact, Katie and Husser seems very compatible I must confess and they keep playing like old lovers but you know what, time will tell if it’s for real or joke. But I, Katie can feel it in my heart that l might like Husser as he is a complete gentleman, his voice so calm, convincing and assuring even his moves assures that boldness of a man, I could tell from his looks that he feels that inner peace and love with me as we await for the champagne, he placed my hands in his chest and ask me, if I heard his heart beat then kiss me on the lips with his hands on my body with this warmth feeling passing all over my veins, I could imagine his hands caressing through my back but funny enough my dress has no space for such play so fitted that u can’t even see a button or zip to aid the cruise.


The only word that Husser could utter was surprising as he just whispered, “Did I actually order this dress without a check, no zip, no buttons”, so I smiled and offered him his glass of champagne which was served by the waiter and he keep staring at me as I sip my drink so I stood up from my seat to dance the song as it plays so cool and inviting.


I was enjoying the moment as I dance with my eyes closed while sipping my drink and all of a sudden, I noticed a very warm masculine hand holding my hips from the back ofcourse I believe that will be Husser and I never felt like opening my eyes as I enjoy the dance with whoever that is holding me till he turned me to face him so I opened my eyes and he smiled with this charming look in his eyes as if he want to eat me up so I handed my glass back to him then he finished both drinks and gave the glasses to the ushers then hold me very closely as we continued dancing then he whispered again, “Have you been rocked before?” And I looked at his eyes, he smiled then kiss my lips softly.


The music was a very soft, slow and steady one, you remember those songs of the oldies which our mummies and daddies use to rock their time infact the romance that flows with this music could make you fall in love again and again but I am not gonna allow myself fall for it because Husser’s eyes were this sexy that I can barely look into it that long, I was sincerely burning up inside with feelings as his mood were such that can push one into promising some lifetime commitment but am not gonna allow myself be swung into that so fast as I am yet to get acquainted with Husser though he looks so nice and trustworthy.


It is almost 11:00pm and that is time for the toast for whatever moment is shared there though am yet to understand so I ask Husser as he booked the venue and he said, “its a lovers corner” but I wonder we are just meeting for the first time though the affection is already growing in us so he just said again, “Never you worry, you will be just fine with me, I promise”.


So I smiled asking, “Husser, can I know a little bit of you” and he said, “Why not! You will know all about me with time” so I nodded my head and we keep dancing till the music went off so I hurriedly went back to my seat while he came holding my hands then dragging me up again saying we should take a walk to discuss a little bit about ourselves so we stepped out of the venue then started strolling outside round about the setting then discussing more about ourselves and I think he is a likeable personality indeed very nice.


And in a moment, he told me we can move to the beach side as they are having some fun time on the beach so I agreed then we moved to buy some beach wear, he got himself a carribean shirt, then beach wear for myself so we both dressed and joined them to play volley ball on the beach after which we decided to move round for some barbecue and fries then some fruity mixed coconut drink with a little whiskey.


I really enjoyed the moment with Husser then he decided we hire a small hut on the beach where we can spend the night while the party continues very close to the beach where we can see the waters clapping together and the horse riders strolling through while we play, and cuddle together.


Husser is a very passionate person, his caring and playful nature will make you fall in love with him and I don’t know how the night will look like as we have made up our mind to enjoy the beach together so Husser drew me closer himself, kissing all over my body with this kinda sweet words that can make your head go gaga infact, his hands were all over playing my body with this sweet kiss on my lips, neck, I just felt like the night is not going to finish, the fantasy was so much and my body was on fire as he…..


….to be continued next weekend TGIS


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…we gat your weekend grooving!


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