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sweet romance, thrilling & inviting


Written by Xexzy Amanda



The day looks so bright and hopeful as I just woke up singing my favourite song of “Love never Lie”, looking out from the window I realised the day has gone far and my clock if not deceiving me is exactly 9:00am so I just have to shower and run along to work.

I remember when I was growing up my mother will say, “There is time for everything in life, you can only align to the right thing at the right time if you know how to check time.” I am not very good at making friends but I can assure you if I actually hooks up one, it will be for real love, sweet and very exciting and I bet, you will desire it.

Going for a date wont be a bad idea and could as well be very interesting, I actually have this invitation sent to me and I guess is all about a blind date but one thing is that I will love to explore such an adventure as I feel it will naturally be very interesting, romantic I bet, if am lucky a match will emerge for my cute self so I will definitely explore it.

I am Katie and my date is Husser, I do think of who this personality will be but can’t figure it out, tonight must unveil this dream that took such a Long time to come.

I proceeded to the office, stepping into my little corner was this parcel on my desk with a tag on it, “The Date” so I picked it up and kept in my drawer then continued my work, I am a nutritionist, a consultant, my office deals with health issues but I am in the nutrtion section where we diagnose and help our clients with emotional, health, lifestyle and prepare diets to suite their lifestyle but a healthy one ofcourse.

So as I talk to you I have some clients lined up for my attention and its really fulfilling having clients complying to nutrition advice which keeps them fit so I am very proud of my profession.

After attending to about five clients so as to ensure they bounce back and remain in good health, I had my next client as one that has a different habit but needed help to cut down on it, you could figure it out.

I was astonished after listening to his complain, I handed him over to a male colleague of mine because that was very tempting and I wouldn’t want to fall victim of such. My colleague gladly attended to him while he keep staring at me from a distance, after which he came to bid me goodbye with a thank you kiss but that wasn’t so bad.

Though, I was wondering why he came back to me but been that I am this kinda person that never bothers my head once I don’t actually have any serious affection for you. I went ahead to forget his part and moved on.

Remembering the blind Date, I had to open the parcel and found a black long fitted dress with a pair of heely shoes then a red purse with a pearl necklace then another small envelope with some cash inside so I was marveled at the contents and the address also which was a little bit off the town.

So I smiled and continued my work but still contemplating if to attend or not but I think it’s good I do attend as that’s another opportunity to witness the difference so I checked my time and it was exactly 5:00pm and thats office closing time. I hurriedly pick up my bag, shut down the system and stepped forward to pick a cab back home.

Immediately I got to my home, I dropped my bag then showered, took some snacks with coffee then move to board a cab to the venue.

On getting to the address was this coffee shop with this kinda romantic setting so I approached the waiter who  looked at my invitation and ushered me to a very cosy corner with a table decorated with different kinds of drinks, flowers with two chairs so I ask him where is my date and he smiled and pointed at a distance to a tall cute gentleman, well dressed in a gentlemanly style, putting on a creme suit with a bow tie and a pair of black trousers then coming towards my table with many people sending greetings to him.

I could tell from a distance that he must be very popular, a great personality indeed so I adjusted my posture with a warm charming smile he said, “Welcome to the love triangle, I am Husser”, and I quickly looked up to check the banner on top having these words written boldly and decorated with different colours.

And Husser kissed my hands then hugged me very closely, then called the waiter to serve our table with champagne then ordered some barbecue fish to cool off the evening while sitting very close to each other. I can tell from his look on me, he really want more of the moment but there is nothing we can do than watch each other even though we already seem to have affection for each other but you know how it works. We still need to know each other better.

Infact, Katie and Husser seems very compatible I must confess and they keep playing like old lovers but you know what,  time must tell if it’s for real or joke. But I, Katie can feel it in my heart that l might like Husser as he is a complete gentleman, his voice so calm, convincing and assuring even his moves assures that boldness of a man, I could tell from his looks that he feels that inner peace and love with me as we await for the champagne, he placed my hands in his chest and ask me, if I heard his heart beat then kiss me on the lips with his hands on my bo….


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