BBC Japa Interview: Emdee Tenders Apologies For Bursting Naija Youths Code

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The outcome of the BBC interview raised dusts on Emdee Tiamiyu, who took a very quick step by dropping another angle of the video but this time an appology to soften the backlash though he might be right in his opinion but never the best to wash the dirty linens in the public especially where it matters.


His appology video was targeted to Nigerians and most especially Nigerian Students seeking international education, Youtuber, Emdee Tiamiyu, he thereby apologised over his comment about Nigerian students studying in the United Kingdom in an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation.



It was gathered that, Tiamiyu had also on Wednesday made an apology in a video which he shared oh his Youtube account to soft pedal backlash from Nigerians especially the youths on his Japa video with BBC.


The YouTuber, who is known for advising Nigerians on studying in the United Kingdom, claimed that many of them were not looking for new qualifications, but to start a new life abroad which could be a reality.


In his video he shared on Wednesday morning, he sincerely tenders an apology saying, that he granted the interview to speak on the challenges that the black community genuinely face.


Hear him, “I am doing this from the reflections and the truthfulness of my heart that you have seen in the interview/ news feature. Please, I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you.


“If what you have seen being circulated has made you uncomfortable in any way at all, I am sorry, deeply and sincerely sorry.


“And why do I say sorry, because for whatever pain that you feel, I feel even more, because if I meet you in person, if we were able to sit in the same space, probably engage, there is nothing in my heart for you other than love, progress and positive support. People who know me in the world know that this is what I have got.


“There is no other motivation than to grant an interview to speak on the challenges that we genuinely face as a black community back at home and also in the UK.”


However, the video was meant to be a sort of motivation or enlightenment to the youths of Nigeria though turned out to become a revelation of Nigeria survival code for Japa. Emdee shouldn’t be condemned completely.

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