“Architect Kester Ifeadi and Aniocha South LGA’s Exemplary Palliative Distribution Efforts.”

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Written by Comrade Victor Ojei (popularly called Wong Box Senior Special Assistant to the Executive Governor of Delta State on Civil Societies and NGOs. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp on 08038785262)


In the wake of challenging times brought about by various unforeseen circumstances, the importance of effective palliative distribution to vulnerable populations cannot be overstated. Delta State, Nigeria, has been fortunate to witness the success of Architect Kester Ifeadi, the Aniocha South Local Government Area Palliative Distribution Coordinator, and his dedicated team in their mission to provide essential support to those in need. This article highlights their commendable efforts and the impact they’ve made on their community.



Inauguration and Oversight:

The journey towards successful palliative distribution in Aniocha South Local Government Area began with the inauguration of the Committee on the 15th of September 2023. Council Chairman Hon. Jude Chukwunwike played a pivotal role in initiating this critical initiative. Among the distinguished individuals on the Monitoring and Oversight Team were Rt. Hon. Joan Oyenmaechi Ada-Anioma, Hon. Dr. Isaac Awunzia, and Hon. Pastor Jude Chukwunwike.


Dedicated Committee Members:


The Aniocha South Local Government Subsidy Palliative Distribution Committee consisted of dedicated individuals committed to serving their community:


1. Architect Kester Ifeadi (LGA Coordinator)

2. HRH Obi Solomon Ezechiyelugo II, the Obi of ASHAMA

3. Ven Christian Okonkwo

4. Ap Innocent Nwaegwuchukwu

5. Pst Perpetual Oputa-Olise

6. Comrade Mayor Enujeko

7. Comrade Uwaidei Micheal

8. Representative of NULGE

These individuals formed a dynamic team with a shared goal of ensuring that palliatives reached those who needed them most.


Distribution Process:

The distribution process was meticulously planned and executed. Beneficiaries were identified and screened by a coalition of stakeholders, including Traditional Rulers, President Generals, and Ward Committees. This collaboration ensured that the palliatives reached the right hands.


A total of 696 bags of rice (50kg each) were received on September 26th, 2023, along with #696,000 designated for distribution costs to various Ward locations. On September 27th, 2023, the palliatives were distributed to each ward in the LGA, with each ward receiving 33 bags of rice and #30,000 Naira for transport and logistics.


Transparency and Accountability:

To ensure transparency and accountability, various stakeholders, including Traditional Institutions, President Generals, NGOs, Security Agencies, and Faith-Based Organizations, were involved in the distribution process. Public venues such as community halls and palaces were used to avoid any perception of personalization, fostering trust among beneficiaries. Photos and video evidence were captured for records and transparency.


Resounding Success and Gratitude:

The impact of Architect Kester Ifeadi and the entire palliative committee was palpable. Beneficiaries expressed their satisfaction with the transparent and accountable distribution process, building trust and confidence in the government. The Honorable Chairman of Aniocha South Local Government also played a pivotal role in ensuring a speedy and transparent process, earning the committee’s immense appreciation.


Special gratitude was extended to Dr. Kingsley Emu, Chairman of the State Palliative Committee, for his dedication to this noble cause. Lastly, the committee conveyed its heartfelt appreciation to Honorable Chairman Pastor Jude Chukwunwike and Aniocha South Council for granting them the opportunity to serve their community and humanity.


In conclusion, Architect Kester Ifeadi and the Aniocha South Local Government Subsidy Palliative Distribution Committee exemplify the power of dedication, transparency, and community service. Their success in this endeavor not only provided essential support to vulnerable populations but also fostered trust and confidence in the government’s commitment to its citizens’ welfare.

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