Anambra 2021: PDP To Streamline Party  Defection Acceptance, Nominate Only Loyal  Members For Victory – Lady Chidi Onyemelukwe 

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The lessons to draw from the recent defection of two PDP governors, and the speculation of even more defections, is for the party to henceforth nominate only loyal and committed members of the party; People who understand the vision and ethos of the party, and will remain committed to it not just when things are going on fine but also in the face of coercion and adversity; People who will not place personal interests above the collective aspiration of the party.

If the party looks deep enough, it should find those with aforementioned qualities among the motley crowd now running to fly the party’s flag in Anambra.


As for me, I remain a party woman to the core. I have deep roots. In our local parlance, our people say; “monkey no dey born goat.” My father, Ide Alex Ekwueme of blessed memory, did not leave the party after the Jos convention or indeed other times the party gave him the shorter end of the stick. My personal records are also out there, I have been in the PDP all my political life. I don’t have a history of hopping from one party to the other or working against the party when things do not go my way.

Dear party delegates, I only ask that you think of loyalty and commitment when you cast your ballot on Saturday. You know I’ll remain in the PDP with you come hell or high water.


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