Amazing as NDDC Heads to Completion of Abia-Akwa Ibom Road…details

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Presently, the Niger Delta Development Commission  (NDDC) has revealed plans to complete the Abia-Akwa Ibom road and has warned contractors against the use of substandard materials during project execution.…


Speaking with Channels Television during an inspection of the road on Wednesday, the Executive Director of Projects, NDDC, Victor Antani, said the Commission was no longer interested in shoddy road projects, but those that would last between 20-30 years.



“We are interested in road projects that will last for between 20-30 years. We are no longer interested in contractors that will come and pour stones on red soil and walk away, and still demand their money,” he said.


Antani who represented the Managing Director of the NDDC, Dr. Samuel Ogbuku, appealed to the contractors in the Niger Delta to step up their games.


“No more shoddy jobs because we are about to transform the Niger Delta with legacy projects, especially with the roads that link cities, states and local governments together.


“Arochukwu has two states as its neighbours- Akwa Ibom and Abia. So we are trying to link the three states with legacy projects. That is why the NDDC under the leadership of Dr Samuel Ogboko of Rivers has asked me to come here, and take a look at the project, and explore ways of interfacing with the community and the contractor, and then bring words back to him,” Antani said.


While expressing his joy at the road projects, Traditional Ruler, Arochukwu, HRH Eze John Okoro, said the road was once inaccessible.


“I don’t know how to thank the management of NDDC. This road was just like a track road, and vehicles didn’t come into this village. But today, we now have a smooth tarred road. On behalf of my community, we say a very big thank you,” he said.


A stakeholder in Arochukwu, Obasi Lawson said the people of the community were happy with the project.


“The Arochukwu people are very happy and have been jubilating, and showing appreciation to the NDDC for the great feat,” he said.



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