Again, Gbagi Spits Fire, Urges Supreme Court Judges to Save Delta From Total Collapse

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Olorogun Barr. Kenneth Gbagi FNIM, OON, governorship candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), in the 2023 election, has asked the judges of the Supreme Court, where he has gone to challenge the rulings of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal and that of the Appeal Court, to save Delta State from total collapse.


He was speaking in light of what has transpired recently where the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal and the Appeal Court ruled in favour of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) candidate, Sheriff Oborevwori, despite the controversies surrounding the several allege forgeries brought against him (Oborevwori).



Gbagi had maintained abinitio that Oborevwori, his counterparts in the All Progressives Congress (APC), Ovie Augustine Omo-Agege, All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru and Labour Party (LP), Ken Pela, were not qualified to contest the said election.


The senior lawyer and security expert said the judgements of the lower and appellate courts that upheld the victory of Oborevwori, has damaged the confidence that Nigerians have in the judiciary.


He noted that the Supreme Court Judges, should turn back the hands of time for the sake of Deltans who are yearning for good governance, saying that they (Judges), should put themselves in the shoes of Deltans particularly children yet unborn.


Speaking through his Chief Press Secretary, Kenneth Orusi, the former chairman, Legal Aid Council of Nigeria, said: “It is not negotiable and there’s nothing close to it. It is only one candidate that won the 18th March election in Delta State.


“Irrespective of what the manipulators would have done, it is the aspiration, the prayer and the cry of both the young, those of age and the old persons and people of this country, particularly those of them from Delta State that their choice for governor of Delta State, should be brought back by God.


“It is only Gbagi who actually spent his personal hard earned money to visit every nook and cranny of Delta State. Every Church and denomination to campaign and educate the citizens of the colossal loss if for any reason they allow criminals to continue to run the affairs of Delta State.


“The election was clear that Gbagi, won that election by a landslide. However what we saw surprising to man but not to God, was that the entire election machinery was hijacked and figures that does not exist anywhere were allocated.


“Fooling themselves that they have done anything great but contrary to God’s decision”, he alleged.


Maintaining his stance on the qualifications of the others gubernatorial candidates, he said he remains the only candidate qualified for the 2023 election.


He said: “at the end of the charade that produced Sheriff as the governor, unknowing to them Gbagi was laughing and dancing”, a situation that drew the attention of lots of Deltans as to why Gbagi, went to celebrate during and after election.


While calling on Deltans to be wise, he asserted “for a long time, we are the problem of ourselves. We are too quick to be gullible and be deceived”, insisting that he actually won the election before the crookedness, manipulations, do-or-die affairs took place.


Continuing, he said: “In Gbagi’s petition that is already in the public domain, he has stated that Francis

Orohwedor Oborevwori, who failed to come and speak to his documents during the trial of the tribunal was not qualified because in the first place, Francis Orohwedor Oborevwori is not the same person as the man paraded as governor today. The man who calls himself Francis Orohwedor Oborevwori, is faking the name of his brother who is a pastor”, he further alleged.


The renowned criminologist who insisted that he speaks to facts, maintained: “this boy was an ex-convict and I visited him in prison when he was the Chairman of the Legal Aid Council of Nigeria.


“In fact, the man conceded in his documents on the column whether have you been imprisoned before or not, he declined to complete that section, by that singular arrangement, he is gone.


“Not just to say, Gbagi went further as a criminologist to do what nobody has done and the attention of the judiciary in the apex court is hereby drawn that there’s is no gainsaying that all the, documents, affidavit, INEC forms as filled and completed by Sheriff were all fake.


“So fake that in the greed of Sheriff and Okowa who do not believe in anything good in Delta, who paraded only criminals and people without school certificates as either members of assembly or any office he is giving them to be able to arm twist them not because that he leaves them but for his own personal aggrandisement went further in all the complexity of his documentation went and forged an existing gazette, tippexed all the information there superimposed his own information and as God will always exposed any criminal, filled May 5th 2022 on the federal government gazette.


“Gazette is the most authenticating document of the federal government of any country in the world but these serial persons of no character forged the gazette and used the gazette as was tendered by one Dodo (SAN), in Asaba, in cross-examining Sheriff and he said Sheriff look at this document, is this your document and he answered in the affirmative.


“And if you see that ruling/judgement of Justice Shade as you can see, Shade had said with the production of this gazette and in the absence of no other contradicting document, this gazette has reconcile all anomalies of Sheriff Oborevwori and as such, Sheriff is good to go.


“In that same document, Dodo (SAN) went with it to the Court of Appeal. Of course, you know what goes on with so much crawling of nothing to show of our State, paid his way at the court of Appeal and its way at the Supreme Court that there was a gazette.


“So, the basis of that gazette was that it reconcile, using Justice Shade’s statement in the ruling that that gazette in the absent of nothing reconcile of Sheriff Oborevwori. So too, all the other courts held.


“God is a God of miracle. Olorogun Gbagi, as a criminologist which he is, one that cannot be taken for granted dug into the gazette and the gazette as it was read by the office of the president, Federal Republic of Nigeria under the Head of Service that the cabinet office did not produce any gazette in the whole year 2022, not to talk of one that was produced in May of that year.


“With that singular document, it follows that all that Sheriff and his lawyers, Okowa and the money of Delta State has done was to use a fake document to get a fake judgement all the way to the Supreme Court for which Deltans have suffered for the last six months in the rule of the most dullest, most gullible human being in this world as governor.


“Gbagi, had sought to tender this document unsuccessfully at the tribunal having been well greased, decided to dance into the arena disgracefully all the way to the Supreme Court.


“Now, this is a test case for the judiciary as the highest office. If confirmed that the gazette is fake, confirmed that this is what the man has relied on and deceived the entire judiciary system in Nigeria, all the way to the Supreme Court, the matter is now squarely before them”, he alleged further.


He said Deltans all over the globe seek justice from the apex Court, he stressed: “Justice would demands that if it is only Gbagi qualified by the relevant laws in Nigeria, to contest the said election, declare him the governor of Delta State for the election 2023”.


On the APC candidate, Omo-Agege, Gbagi said: “Ovie Omo-Agege, in that petition that was raised by Gbagi, had said that Ovie Omo-Agege couldn’t qualify to contest for governorship because he is an ex-convict, multiple serial forger of documents.


“Having been sentenced to prison and very remarkably in what I called a legal boldness even though in what I call small cleverness refused to sign whether or not he has been to prison before which of course is concealment of the fact that he was an ex-convict.


“He had accepted every single comment in the petition of Gbagi, to be correct. He has forged documents about seven times, forged driver’s license several times, he has gone to prison, rehabilitation home, he has falsified his certificate, age and he was sentenced by the highest court of California and Omo-Agege accepted in his reply to the petition of Gbagi that everything Gbagi had said is true. So, what else is the judiciary waiting for?


“His only defense is that yes, everything Gbagi has said is correct but he has been cleared by one unknown court. I wouldn’t know where the law has taken us to. If a man was convicted by a Supreme Court of a country and he says that one local court unknown to law has cleared him of all the offense, it does not just add up.


“And in any case, even the falsification on the document of INEC refusing to accept the question whether or not he is being convicted at anytime irrespective, he declined to comment on those facts. Both himself and Sheriff refused to comment, misinforming INEC not to do what they need to to do, to that extend, he was never a candidate for the election”, he alleged.


On the Labour Party candidate, Ken Pela, “as allocated numbers by Okowa, which is untrue, stole among every other things N100 million of the building society of Delta State and was indicted no less by a second review panel headed by Prof. Amos Utuama, and was dismissed for theft.


“In that circumstance, it is only the CJN or the President of Nigeria, that can pardon him for him to be eligible to contest election. So, he was not eligible”, he alleged.


On the APGA candidate, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru, he said: “everybody now knows he was a joker, who said he went to primary school for four years, who said he went Iron University and Iron university has written, they said, it was fictitious and they never had any student at the time he claimed to be a student”.


Continuing he said: “So, quite honestly, all the four persons that Okowa allocated numbers to as he wishes, none of them were qualified under the laws of Nigeria, to contest election for the office of governor.


“All votes that were casted therefore, was the votes of the only eligible candidate for the election which is the candidate for the SDP for that election, no less Olorogun Barr. Kenneth Gbagi FNIM OON”.


There will always be opposition and those who wish to challenge that which is just and God will never allow them victory, take for instance the case of Justice Odeli JSC who they have claimed is now the contractor and consultant who has now agreed to be a bridge to find out from other justices how much bribe they want for this job to turn justice we are now pleading for her not to disgrace herself, her children and her children yet unborn because as a mother and judge looking at the situation in Delta state no judge should be willing to take any amount of money whatsoever to pervert justice.


When they were discussing the business of bribe with Okowa, uduaghan and other criminalized Deltans who are ready to deplete the already low resources of Delta to pay any immoral judge willing to participate in such a harrowing scheme the children of Delta state who were listening were crying and to that effect the people of Delta state say “Justice odeli leave delta state alone”


According to him, “the onus is on the judiciary to write the wrong, the injustice, poverty and backwardness of Delta State with only qualified man that contested the election”.


He lamented that it is a known fact that Delta is the most backward State in the country in all ramification, “where only people without certificates, pedigree, run a local government and can’t speak good English are seem ruling the State and daring to be governors”.


He called on God and the judiciary to come to the rescue of the State, noting that Delta State is a time bomb waiting to explode for people without education to rule the State thereby plunging the State backwardly.


It is in the public domain that judges were allegedly paid heavily for the PDP to get judgements in the legal fireworks as it regards the governorship election in the state.

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