“A Critical Analysis Of The Decision To Disburse N8,000 Monthly To Vulnerable Households: Seeking More Sustainable Solutions For Nigeria’s Youths”.

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By Comrade Victor Ojei popularly called Wong Box. Feel free to contact us via WhatsApp 08038785262


Dear President Bola Ahmed Tinubu,



I write to you today to express my concerns and reservations regarding the recent decision to start disbursing N8,000 monthly to vulnerable households in Nigeria. While the intention behind this move may be noble, I believe it is essential to critically assess the potential impact and long-term sustainability of such a measure. In this article, I will address the key questions raised: the sensibility of the decision, its potential to reflate the economy, and whether there might be better ways to spend this money, especially concerning past interventions.


The Sensibility of Disbursing N8,000 Monthly:

The decision to provide financial assistance to vulnerable households is a commendable gesture, especially in times of economic hardship. However, the amount allocated, N8,000 monthly, seems too meager to significantly alleviate the economic burdens faced by these households. The cost of living, inflation, and other economic factors may quickly erode the impact of such a small sum. While any form of assistance can offer temporary relief, it may not address the underlying issues that perpetuate poverty and vulnerability in the long run.


Reflating the Economy:

The effectiveness of disbursing N8,000 monthly to vulnerable households as a means to reflate the economy is debatable. Direct cash transfers can stimulate consumer spending, but their impact on economic growth is limited. For a more significant boost to the economy, comprehensive measures that foster job creation, infrastructure development, and increased productivity are essential. Instead of relying solely on handouts, the government should focus on creating an enabling environment for businesses to thrive and invest in sectors that generate employment opportunities.


Exploring Better Alternatives:

While short-term relief is important, it is equally vital to invest in sustainable solutions that empower individuals and communities to lift themselves out of poverty. Rather than solely depending on cash handouts, the government could consider implementing initiatives that focus on skill development, education, and vocational training. By equipping the youth with the tools and knowledge needed to access better job opportunities or create their own businesses, we can foster self-reliance and economic growth.


Past Interventions and Lessons Learned:

History has shown that simply providing monetary assistance, without addressing root causes, often leads to dependency rather than empowerment. Previous interventions in Nigeria and elsewhere have taught us that the real challenge lies in identifying and addressing the structural issues that perpetuate poverty and inequality. While short-term relief is necessary in times of crisis, the government must take a more comprehensive approach to tackle unemployment, inadequate access to education and healthcare, and systemic corruption.


The Needs of Nigerian Youths:

Comrade Victor Ojei’s sentiment that the Nigerian youth do not need handouts but productivity is valid. The young population holds immense potential and can be the driving force behind economic growth. The government should prioritize investments in education, technology, and innovation to harness the talents and energy of the youth. By creating an enabling environment that encourages entrepreneurship, job creation, and skill development, we can unlock the potential for prosperity and reduce dependency on government assistance.


In conclusion, while the decision to disburse N8,000 monthly to vulnerable households may provide temporary relief, it falls short of being a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by Nigeria’s youth and vulnerable populations. To truly uplift the nation, the government must adopt a multifaceted approach that focuses on long-term solutions, job creation, and sustainable development. By investing in the potential of the youth and addressing systemic issues, Nigeria can pave the way for a prosperous future.


Yours Faithfully,


Comrade Victor Ojei popularly called Wong Box, Member PDP Campaign Council

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