2023: Main Problem Of Nigeria Not Presidency But Senate, House of Representatives, Governors!

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…Where are the Bukola Sarakis, Kenneth Gbagis, Prof. Wole Soyinkas, Fani Kayodes?


Whether Atiku or Tinubu or Peter Obi wins, there is possibility of continuous generic problems of non performance, looting and poverty in our dear country, ask me how?



I want to draw attention to Nigeria our dear country with the numerous Presidents, Senate and House of Representatives that has passed through this same rail without any tangible result on performance in the country instead we keep shouting the “past president is better than the present”.


So I will take it to the save as that, Nigeria as a supposed giant of Africa should be ready to put things aright especially the calibre of people we allow to lead this country must be carefully selected as the issue can never be resolved except the right choice is made on each position/ arms of government in the country starting from the presidency, the Senate, House of Representatives down to the Governors. These three arms of government is determines if a country will progress or retrogress.


Therefore, the head have to be well to be able to regain its prestige by possessing such a distinguished character which entails; sincerity of purpose, selfless character, a goal getter, intelligence, articulate, positive thinking, creativity, intelligence with a disciplinary attitude that values integrity to be able to solve the mathematics of leadership with performance difference in the state and Nigeria in general.


It will interest you to note that, if you flash back to the regime of Sen. Bukola Saraki as Senate President, you will be forced to ask why is Nigeria as a nation not demanding for the right people to be in position of authority, does it mean we have no Sarakis, Prof. Wole Soyinkas, Kenneth Gbagis, Fani Kayodes and the rest of them.


We as Nigerians should think well before casting our vote to the same wolves of yesteryears as its better to set our priorities right by ensuring persons of good character and capacity emerge in the House of Representatives, Senate, then presidency of this countrt so as to ensure Nigeria survives beyond 2023.


 …my candid opinion!




Written by the Koboko

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