Fireboy Set To Light Up OVO Arena In Wembley

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Nigerian music star Fireboy is set to go live in concert soon at the OVO Arena in Wembley. The Afrobeats artiste hinted this on his social media page after releasing his third studio album ‘Playboy,’.The concert is scheduled to hold on Sunday, 13th November 2022.

A concert is one thing fans have been expecting from Fireboy for a while and there’s been a wind of excitement all across social media at the announcement of this concert.


Fireboy has become one artiste who can absolutely not be skipped in the conversation of Afrobeats. He has developed himself and beefed up so well in Afrobeats that the respect for him and his sound grows at the drop of every new project.

His most recent album, ‘Playboy’ further proves his musical prowess as fans say he outdid himself, going ahead to rap on one of the tracks.

Fireboy’s distinct voice, unique energy and simply breathtaking lyrics has put him on a high horse which is quite ironic because he’s one of the most humble artistes to ever emerge from the industry.

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