Book Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad …Rated 15+

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By Vallerie Oti

This month we are running a review on a Book  and up for Review this July is:


“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Leichter 

A Brief summary:..

The book is very interesting, inspiring and educative with an insightful tips to life experiences of today’s desires.

A critical look at the two dads and the two kids will marvel your thinking as the kids are very eager to get to find out how to be rich wondering what the two dads did to get to the level they were considering the differences and similarities between the two Dads.

Having one dad very comfortable  which reveals him been extremely “rich” and one dad average which could be liken to been “poor”. This became an order of the day in the mind of these two kids as they are really eager to identify the exact step taking by their two fathers to be able to make it happen real big for the rich dad and average to the poor dad though both are still comfortable and consistent even as life shakes them both.

The zeal built up and their mind made up to dig deep into the life of these two dads as to “what made them rich or poor“?

Here we go with the steps both kids decided to take with their two different fathers discovering first that the poor and the middle class work for money while the rich make money work for themselves…

The story begins with…

In 1956, I was 9 years old attended same public school were rich people send their children bcos we live on the same street, no private school for me or them back  then.

Dad, can u tell me how to get rich?
My dad put down his evening paper

Why do u want to get rich son?
Because today Jimmy’s mom drove up in their new Cadillac, and they  were going to their beach house for weekend with 3 of his friends and Mike n I wasn’t Invited they said we were  poor kids.

With pain my dad asked incredulously, “they did? And I replied in a hurry tone.My dad just silently shook his head, pushed his glass to the bridge of his nose and continued reading his paper.

My dad finally answered, “well son.. if you want to be rich, you have to learn to make money”.

“How do I make money? I asked. “Well, use your head, son,” he said, even then I knew what that really meant, “That’s all I’m going to tell you”, or “i dont know the answer, so dont embarrass  me”.

A partnership is formed…I told Mike my friend my story bcos I and my friend was in the same school with the rich kids by twist of fate even as we wasnt really poor but we felt as if we were very poor.

…to be continued next week

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